A Water Feature for a Healthier Home

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Indoor water features are more than just ornamental. Read on to find out how they not only improve our home environment but also have more mood-enhancing benefits.

Natural, Gentle, Evocative Sounds . . . .

So what is it about small areas of running water that we like to live with? Just close your eyes and imagine the tinkling of a stream, the sounds of the ebb and flow of the waves on a beach, the gentle, melodic gushes of a waterfall. A stream, a beach, a waterfall, these are all classic places to relax. So much so that relaxation techniques usually start a session by encouraging us to evoke one of these settings in our imaginations.

Natural Stress Relief & Relaxation

Gently flowing water has an intrinsic capacity to relax us and an indoor water feature brings the benefits of a bubbling brook or a balmy beach into the home, or dentists waiting room, or bustling office and can substantially contribute to relaxation and reduced levels of stress.

Many indoors water features have adjustable pumps so that you can vary the level of sound to suit the time of day, your needs and whoever you are currently sharing that space with.

For example, if you have overtired children, just back from nursery or school, turn the water feature sound up and read the children a gentle story.

If, on the other hand, you have just dropped the children at school, done a week's grocery shopping and have a pile of ironing or a deadline for an article or a list of phone calls to make – simply turn the pump down, so the sound is low and calm, and give yourself a few minutes to recharge your batteries.

Naturally Adaptable Ambience

The sound an indoor water feature is also affected by the materials which the feature is made of and its size. There are many other influences on the sound that the water will make including the speed at which it moves and the height from which it falls.

However, as well as using an adjustable pump, there are other ways to modify the sound and ambience of your indoor water feature.

Consider the immediate surroundings of the water feature. Placing it on a wooden table, a carpetted floor, a tiled floor, for example, will change the quaity of the sound and ambience produced.

Furniture, both hard and soft, will buffer the sound in different ways. A sparsely furnished room has very different acoustics to a ruchly-furnished room. A water feature placed in a corner will have a different affect to one placed near a window.

The sound that you want from your indoor water feature can be changed in many simple ways and the advantage of small water features is that they can be moved easily to achieve the effect you want when you want it.

Natural “White Noise” Control

Even the soft sounds of a small indoor water feature can drown out the annoying “white noise” that surrounds us. Think of voices in the same or an adjacent room; a local dog which barks when people enter its house; the screeches of amorous cats in the night; creaking floorboards in the appartment upstairs – your child's hamster running in that infernal wheel!

A water feature near your chair or bed will gently, effectively mask all irritating noises – or make you feel so relaxed that even if you can still hear them, you won't mind.

Natural Humidifiers

By dispersing water into the air a water feature helps to maintain an appropriate level of humidity in a room. Many modern buildings are so well insulated that they can be too dry – a well placed water feature can offset this effect.

By contrast, electrical humidifiers add to noise pollution and can also increase the risk of mould forming if the filters are not well-maintained. If you use central heating and air conditioning according to the season a water feature will contribute to the year-round good health of your indoor house plants by ensuring that they do not suffer from the loss of moisture caused by heating and air condition systems.

Natural Ionisers and Decorative Features

An indoor water feature disperses negative ions and so helps to balance the atomic atmosphere of a room which is probably overloaded and polluted with positive ions from modern electronic appliances.

Negative ions contribute to a calm and relaxing interior, which will also smell cleaner and fresher, by reducing pollution. Air can be purified with ionisers – but water features are much more decorative. You can also buy extracts of water-souble perfumes which have been developed specifically for indoor water features.

An indoor water feature adds instant beauty to your environment. Whether you install a large wall fountain, or a small table top water feature or an exterior fountain just outside your patio doors you will have added something natural to your home.

A Water Bar for Domestic Pets

Have you ever noticed how dogs and cats like to drink from dripping taps? This is because their natural instincts lead them to prefer moving water to still water in a bowl. Your water feature will be a favourite drinking place for your pet. As long as you do not use harmful chemical products around the house, which may pollute the water, this is absolutely fine. If your water feature forms algae use a natural fountain and water features cleaner, they are not harmful to pets or children who may touch the water as they use only natural enzymes.

However, algae rarely forms in indoor water features. Unlike out door water features spores, leaves and other organic, algae-forming materials do not often pollute indoor water feature. Exceptions may be if you have mould in parts of your home, or if you allow people to walk around the house in their outdoor shoes. The pumps are virtually maintenance-free also – unlike fish-tank pumps, they are not exposed to organic pollution such as uneaten fish food and fish faeces.

The quality of water will affect how often you will need to clean or de-scale the pump. In small features it is easy to overcome this problem by using mineral water or filtered tap water. The water circulates around the feature continuously and you can top it up easily as necessary.


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Lovely and uplifting post. We feel so close to nature by having an indoor water feature - siva

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