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Do we really apply sunscreen each day? Yes we do even if it is cloudy or rainy each and every day we need sunscreen on our faces and wherever the sun will touch on our bodies..

Starting the day off with your skincare

Everyone knows that morning usually starts with a classic routine: going to bathroom, washing your face (mostly using a cleanser) then brushing your teeth and so on. But most of us need to confess that before going out we don't really apply or skip the sunscreen stage especially on rainy or cloudy days. Hard to believe but UVA rays are all around whether it's sunny or not. So you must apply sunscreen each day because sunrays are associated to some skin malignancy and some skin diseases. For example:basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer), nevus (brown spots), vitiligo and so on.. These are just some of the serious skin diseases sunrays can do. İt will also cause wrinkles and fasten the skin aging process making your skin look dull and saggy.

Sunscreen goes of before anything you apply

This is a must and i've seen many people applying it after they put on their daily moisturizer,serum or other products. Many dermatologists insist on putting your sunscreen before you put anything on. Right after cleansing put on your sunscreen and then follow with your moisturizer, if you need to because all sunscreens moisturize, then whatever is your daily make-up routine. Centering your palm a coin amount is enough for your entire face and neck. Make sure you apply the right amount or it really won't work. Even if you buy the highest SPF right amount will change the whole result. So keep in mind; take a look at the amount you are going to apply by squeezing some into your palm right before you apply. Also don't forget your lips they also need sun protection, there are many lip balms and lipsticks in beauty stores with SPF labels on them go grab one!

Shopping for the right type of sunscreen...

İf you have oily skin you will start wondering what an oily sunscreen is doing on your face, since most sunscreens tend to be oily, because it won't be absorbed by your skin and just sit there on the surface making your skin feel greasy and uncomfortable the whole day like you have a mask covering your face. This would maybe not be a problem during winter but in summer we absolutely want our skin to breathe and choose the products from water based foundations to oil-free moisturizers according to the weather. So here is the tip:while you are shopping for sunscreen look for light and oil-free formulas if your skin is oily. İf you have dry skin i would still recommend you to buy a light formula.

SPF confusion! Has gone up to +150

Another fact we get really confused during shopping is the endless SPF numbers on the bottles. From 15 to 150 we see different types of sunscreens on markets. Which one to buy? Here is the easy and simple answer: buy a simple SPF 30 sunscreen with a UVA and UVB label on it since it will protect you from 98% of the rays. Then we ask;what is 100 and even a 150 for? The answer is: nothing. As the SPF increases the interest and the sale increases but not the protection. Your skin will get it's most from an SPF 30 already. İf you want to tan or get lesser protection even SPF 15 will protect from the harmful rays tanning you slowly and beautifully. Don't let the advertisements confuse you, do what all dermatologists say..

Do products with SPF in them work as a sunscreen?

İn fact; yes. İf the foundation you have just purchased or the moisturizer in your drawer has an SPF 15 or 20 label on it it means it is working. But like the previous rule: only if you apply it first. Meaning if you apply your foundation before you apply anything on you are getting a well SPF15 protection from the sun. But never forget that sunscreens with both UVA and UVB protections work much better than other products if you are going to stay in sunlight for long. Wishing you a beautiful life.....


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