A cure to a lifetime disease

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Could the deadliest disease to all humankind be wiped out for good?

A possible cure for AIDS, that's what I call money well spent.

The Discovery:
Recently, I was doing a little research, and came across an article on a possible AIDS cure. The first thing I said was "wow, its about time" AIDS is the deadliest disease in existence and I know the sufferers of this disease would love nothing more than to live a full and happy life that's free of it. A cure for AIDS in my opinion could revolutionize the world and make it so the disease doesn't exist, the new generation could live in a world where the disease is dead and gone.

How I feel:
I personally am happy that I happened upon the article because for eons, I was worried if there was ever going to be a cure for AIDS not to mention the people who have it ever getting the relief that they are in desperate need of. Eradicating AIDS from the world will work wonders for those who are sexually active, and live with it. This will also help people who are married to, or at least dating someone with the AIDS virus because they will able to rest knowing that their loved one will finally be rid of it.

The Confession:
Now, I admit that I was a bit of a promiscuous sort when I first started having sex and that didn't stop when I was in college either, but one thing is for sure is that I was always smart about it by using protection and getting an STD test whenever it was available because I wanted to make sure that I was still HIV and AIDS free. The fact that this cure is coming to America soon to eradicate AIDS is a real big deal because on the one hand, people can have sex promiscuously without any kind of consequence such as contracting HIV with this cure on the mound. On the other hand, the cure is there for people who might need it to erase any trace of the disease from their body should they contract it by accident like from blood or saliva.

In closing, this cure could usher the world in a new golden age where people, children and even adults can live in a world where this disease is just a memory and that alone. Personally, this couldn't have come at a better time because given the sexual affairs of the world, it's hard to imagine that every person who has sex has to worry about whether or not they're going to contract HIV; a little caution is healthy but a lot of fear is not.


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