A healthier life is a better life

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This page is about health, and the amazing benefits living a healthy life can have.


There is so many ways to make money out of the general public, when it comes to health. Diets, pills, shakes, supplements, drugs, video's. gyms, personal trainers, books and magazines, the list is endless, even I am being paid something to write this article about health. Our health is everything, without it we can not enjoy life the way that we should. We live in a capitalist society, this is something which I understand, and I have no problems with people making money from something which is helpful to the consumers. But when the product is not helpful, or even in some cases actually not good for the buyer, then we move in to a situation which is not just wrong, but down right illegal. Praying on vulnerable people's problems, such as weight issues and confidence problems, is something which happens a lot these days. The one thing the health industry fails to tell its customers, is that loosing weight, getting fit and becoming healthy is easy, its a simple science, which is why people can study it in college.

Dont be fooled

All these companies and products claiming to be wonder cures, yeah right give me a break. There is no one who can get you healthy and change your life, no one who can take away them extra pounds, there is only you who can do it for yourself. When you are healthy and your body is fit, it has so many health benefits for you, it really is the best way to invest in your future. Simple training techniques, which can be for as little as three times a week for twenty minutes, mixed with a healthy diet really can change your life.

The Benefits of good health

You gain extra energy when fit and healthy, enabling you to do all the things in life that you want. Your doing all you can to reassure you have a long life, and a good future. The toning of muscle's, shinning hair, healthy nails, glowing skin and white teeth, all come together making you feel great. The result of this will be higher confidence, and all around better quality of life. I think confidence is a much bigger problem than we acknowledge today. Social isolation can lead to lots of different problems in life. In a world where we are expected to present ourselves well, following some very easy rules each day could help with not only your health, your heart and your bodily system, but may help with your social life too.
I think doctors should prescribe lots of fruit to depressed people, our bodies need goodness, vitamins and minerals or its not going to work the way we want it too.

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author avatar spirited
7th Nov 2013 (#)

The trouble is we are too trusting I think. I trusted what my doctor prescribed me, now I am seemingly dependent on it. Nobody tells you the whole truth about these things. Even the water we drink is full of flouride here in Australia. Good for the teeth? but what does it do once in the stomach?

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author avatar micheal
7th Nov 2013 (#)

I agree totally, but people are catching on to things, knowledge is power, and the key to a better future for us all. I also worry about the water, there was up roar when lead went in it, so why they thought flouride which is even more hazardous was a good idea I will never no. thank you for the comment.

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author avatar Ptrikha
12th Nov 2013 (#)

Being healthy is very very vital. It involves being healthy physically, mentally and psychologically. If one gets a strong body in GYM, but gets stressed out too soon, he or she is not healthy.
Also, a person who is mentally at peace but too lazy to follow correct diet or walk or exercise regularly would not be physically fit, and cannot be deemed as healthy.
Alas, in today's world there is so much negativity that stress seems to impact all of us and our health. So many ailments are caused by stress and bad diet and lack of exercise.

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