A spoonful of poison

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When naive corn cobs have passed through a big process of induatrilization, one will be having anything, except for real corn cobs.

A spoonful of poison

Having read the chapter on cereals in Felicity Lawrence's book that tell us on who decides what we are to eat, I was amazed on what corn cobs are converted after a long process of industrialization. In the end, one will eat anything but pure and healthy cereal and this is what we're giving to children to grow healthy.
After reading this chapter, I thought that, although, I've also eaten quite a number of bowls of cereal, I am lucky my mother didn't feed me up on such stuff.
Lawrence tells on what type of breakfast people used to have in the past in Ireland or in the UK, but she also wonders what made them to decide on such a change if they were having hearty and healthier breakfasts.
It's quite clear, isn't it? It's been a powerful industry that has introduced cereal on every table with the aid of the ever so powerful TV.
Commercials will show us happy and seemingly healthy families plunigng their spoons into their morning bowls.
These cereals are enriched with a lot of sugar and chocolate to make them more attractive for children (so they drink their milk, we'll exclaim) and adults. I admit having been addicted to a certain brand of rice crispies covered with chocolate. I was, because they provoke an addiction with all the sugar and chocolate they have. The taste is really addictive. One would finish one bowl and one would like another.
When she tells us about the way they make this popular brand to help against constipation, I nearly went sick.
Starting from the pioneer company that set to industrialize corn flakes, there have been many others within a mixture of business, politics and religion. A well known brand owes its name, for instance, to a religious sect that also went into the cereal business.
Obesity is increasing in developed countries, but it won't be because we're eating far too much. Some people may, but not the majority of us, but what is making us fat to reach to obesity? It starts with these spoonfuls of ... poison at the start of the day to go on with other industrialized foods.
Never again, I exclaimed after finishing this first chapter. I feel I have to take a short break before I go on reading what she's researched on packed and ready to eat veggies, pork, beef or milky products.
I may feel sick again reading on what we've eating and drinking thinking that we were eating wholesome and healthy products.
Governments supporting big food companies don't want us to die, but they want us to be perennially sick so we'll have to use all sort of pharmaceutical medicines that laboratories create for their own gain and profit.
If one knows who controls the food market worldwide, I think it's easy to know who are to decide what we are to eat.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
18th Feb 2015 (#)

Great article and thank you for sharing it.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
18th Feb 2015 (#)

Am intrigued to say the least!

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author avatar vickylass
18th Feb 2015 (#)

Although, I already knew much of what she tells us, I think she's made an important research on the food that is sold to us and a response would be not to shop for such crap food again. A greengrocer may be a bit more expensive, but be sure that he'll sell the best food he can get on his hands.

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author avatar Kingwell
18th Feb 2015 (#)

Good article! Thank you for sharing. I hope you get a lot of reads. Blessings.

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