A tablet to seemingly cure it all

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If in trouble, take a couple of those tablets and they might as well sort it out.

A tablet to seemingly cure it all

When I was going to leave the casualties department, I asked the nurse if I could have an ambulance to go back home. He said that it was an expense for the hospital and that I could, after all, walk well. However, I insisted on having an ambulance even if, as he said, I could walk well.
"OK", he said, "but tell no one, because you can walk."
I had fractured a shoulder and I had spent the night on a hospital bed at the casualties department. It´d been very sore and they had put on me a big dosage of anti inflamatory drugs, including the popular Ibuprofen plus. Therefore, it was no wonder I needed an ambulance to go back home, arm in sling, in spite of the fact that I could walk.
The shoulder was less sore, but when I tried to stand up, I was very dizzy and it seemed as though I had been partying away on the night before.
I achieved to get my ambulance in spite of all hospital savings on expenditure.
Back home, I read the hospital report and I was amazed to read how many medicines they had asked me to swallow, including this Ibuprofen plus. It was no wonder I felt dizzy and had weak legs.
I guess this was the least of all its side-effects of this popular pain killer.
The thing is that this Ibuprofen plus has become as popular as the latest pop singer or football player. Everyone will have a box of these precious tablets that seemingly cure it all.
The minute one mentions that one is having a headache, a friend or a relative will offer one of these tablets, claiming that it´s very good. Therefore, Ibuprofen plus will cure your headaches, toothaches or bad cold. Don´t you mind if its side-effects are many, including liver cancer, so long as you get rid of this annoying headache.
Has your lifetime partner dumped you for a younger one? Worry not; take a couple of Ibuprofen plus tablets and you´ll feel much better. It may work for love sick as well.
Chemists that created and manufacture this drug that seemingly cures it all must be thrilled with enthusiasm at the profits they´re getting and that is what cures it all without any side-effects whatsoever!

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author avatar vickylass
28th May 2014 (#)

Thanks to all of you for having viewed and commented on this article as the earnings I may get will avoid me to take Ibuprofen Plus!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
28th May 2014 (#)

thank you so much for letting us know and I am sharing this on Twitter and LinkedIn as a warning...blessings vickylass...

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
28th May 2014 (#)

Some people pop pills like candy. My usage is much more rare. I hope you are healing from your injuries!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
30th May 2014 (#)

One of a kind post and interesting as well!

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