A time against fizzy drinks?

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Don't mind the health gurus. Eat and drink what you wish, keeping in mind that moderation is key.

A time against fizzy drinks?

I once was a Coca Cola drinker. I quite liked it. We had it mixed with gin, some ice cubes and a slice of lemon. It was our preferred drink when we went out to party. Then, times rolled on and it seems I changed my habits. At that time, it was the original glass bottle that was sold in bars and since then I haven't tasted one nor I've bought one of these giant bottles in the supermarket.
I'm not one for these fashionable energetic drinks that are so trendy nowadays that claim they give you wings.
My energy lifts with a good meal and few glasses of equally good wine. When it's hot and I go out, cool beer and a plate of olives and savoury ham will be a real treat to quench thirst.
I wonder how people can have savoury dishes with a glass of any soft drink, although, this Coca Cola seems to be the king for many people. Well, to anyone its likes.
It's also drunk by former alcoholics, because they can't drink anymore alcoholic drinks and they have to be contented with amounts of the dark soft drink.
I read that in the US, all sort of soft and fizzy drinks are going down on sales due to a trend of eating and drinking healthily. It seems that US citizens are the ones to drink more fizzy drinks compared with the ones in other countries. Each US citizen drinks over six hundred liters of fizzy drinks a year. This amount would fill three bathtubs to the top.
The owners of such companies fret at the change of habits, because they are worried about their sales and, therefore, their revenue.
However, I'm worried if campaigns against fizzy drinks are going to be like the one on tobacco -they throw at us whatever they want us to consume and then they tell us it's bad for health. This, of course, after they've made colossal fortunes on the allegedly evil items and habits.
One of my mottos is that moderation is key. The healthiest food or drink will be bad for us if we abuse them.

A plan

1. Start a day with a freshly squeezed orange juice to follow with a sound breakfast. This gives enough energy to cope with everything.
2. If it's warm one can have a glass or two of good beer or, why not, a fizzy drink of our fancy.
I'm starting to be fed up with the healthy gurus that are telling us what we ought to drink or to eat as if we were idiots. For them it seems food isn't something that we are to enjoy, but amounts of vitamins, minerals or carbohydrates. Now I hope that they won't tell us that wine or beer is bad as well.
And as if one wishes to have a smoke now and again.
Moderation is key and we are already grown ups!

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