AHERA Training

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AHERA training is basically focused on the hazardous nature of asbestos and its related negative aspects associated to the substance.

AHERA Training

Professionalism does not come naturally but through some formal training and qualification passes through intense vetting. This also calls for one choosing a career path to become a specialist in a particular field. Some professions are classified as risky and for one to join, specialized training is required as such is asbestos handling which requires one to go through AHERA Training; this is basically the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act which the federal government has developed to govern the better use of asbestos in a bid to protect the public from adverse effects of use and handling asbestos. Complete know how of handling the simplest floor tile to the most loosely constructed asbestos product is highly recommended.

AHERA accreditation is acquired by attending a basic course in specific areas and by passing the actual exam. Asbestos courses lead to ahera accreditation and by receiving a certificate which is valid for one year. Once you are certified, it is your responsibility to renew the certificate by taking refresher course. This is recommended for those aspiring to be accredited for inspector or project supervisor for projects involving asbestos in public, schools and commercial buildings. There is no exception for a non accredited inspector or supervisor to take samples of asbestos containing product; one must have gone through the AHERA Training and fully qualified.

Asbestos remediation calls for specialists who understand effects of environmental impacts of substance disposal and waste management thus taking AHERA Training goes a log way in protecting the environment and the general public. Remediation deals with regulations governing the assessments of human and ecological risks involved and maintaining any legalized standards available. Health Science associates is an organization based in Los Angeles south beach trains in health issues related to asbestos related services. These include collection and quantization of air and personnel exposures and trainees are required to demonstrate proficiency in asbestos handling.

AHERA Training suppliers are sourced with special care due to the nature of substance being handled; you can imagine what would happen if a faulty calibrator or microscope is used in testing asbestos. The supplies need therefore to be of high quality with the price not withstanding. It is therefore important to ensure that the AHERA Training facilities and processes are of very high standards and any graduate passing through the system is competent enough to undertake any project as per their specialty. On the other hand the public need to have enough information on how to access these accredited and certified ahera trained professionals.


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In the U.S.A., NOW Environmental Services in Washington State provides both the AHERA initial course and the yearly required refresher. Courses are held monthly. enquire at www.nowenvironmental.com

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