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Dysentery can be a life threating condition. There have been natural cures that have been passed down from generation after generation that helped people when doctors were not that easy to come by.

Dysentery a Servere Infection of the Intestines

A person with dysentery can spend hours straining and pushing that only produces blood strained watery mucus. Dehydration is the serious side effect and sometimes is life threating.
Some of the causes of dysentery are :
1. Bad water and food
2. Extreme heat
3. Humidity
4. Blood sucking insects

Some of the symptoms of dysentery are:
1. Abdominal cramps
2. Fever
3. Watery stool with blood, pus or mucus

There are two major forms of dysentery.
1. Shigellosis or Bacillary dysentery an infection of a group of bacteria called
A. Starts suddenly
B. Sometimes toxema (the presence of bacterial toxins in the blood)
2. Amebic dysentery caused by protozoan (single celled) parasite Entamoeba
A. Starts gradually
B. Runs a chronic course

The most natural way to cure dysentery is with:
1. Betel nuts
2. Blackberries
3. Blueberries
4. Pistachio Nuts

Eating blueberries right off the bush or mashing them into a juice is a proven cure for dysentery.

The other cures require more work. Betel nuts contains alkaloids like arecoline (giving it it's narcotic properties). and cured betel nuts contain tannic acid that combine for treatment. They are chewed up and the residue spit out several times a day. The Amoeda (Entamoeba Bistolytica) that is causing the ulcerative inflammation of the colon will be eliminated from the bowel.

The egyptians knew this cure a very long time ago. They often used pistachio nuts for sweetmeats and confectionary. They would take a handful of shells in a pint of water boil it 15 mintues, strain it and drink it lukewarm twice daily.

Blackberries has long been know to the mountain people to cure many things. Here is a rescipe for a tonic passed down through generations.
1. Pick one quart of fresh blackberries
2. Wash them throughly
3. Mash them up
4. Add one teaspoon cinnamin,cloves,and allspice
5. Add one and onehalf pint of water
6. Simmer for two hours
7. Strain mixture
8. Add three to four tablespoons brown sugar
9. Simmer until only one pint of liquid is left
10. Add one-forth of a pint of Moonshine ( Brandy as a subsitute)

Take two tablespoons every two hours until symptoms disappear. This mixture is called the cordial.

Of course if you have dysentery you should consult a doctor. This could become a life threating condition very quickly and no matter how strong a person you are you can be rendered helpless in a very short time.


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