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The way you think has a direct influence on how one feels and behaves in day to day life. If you think of a successful outcome in any area of your life, it will increase your chances of being successful. On the other hand if your mind is preoccupied with complications, doubts and fear of failure, you will be heading towards failure.

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As they say “like attracts like”. Positive or negative expectations will make all the difference when it comes to achieving your goals. Expectations become reality more easily than we think. Our attitude shapes our future. So it is important to be positive, optimistic and keeping positive attitude towards oneself. Being positive doesn’t mean that one is not in touch with reality. At the same time it doesn’t mean that one is not aware of the problems or obstacles, which can come on the way to success. Being optimistic or being positive means one is able to master the obstacles on the way of success.

The biggest mistake, which people make is that they keep thinking what they desire to achieve but they don’t know “what really, when and how”. You have to have plan for achieving your goals. If you have a plan then only you know where you have to reach otherwise you will reach nowhere.

So spend time to think what you really desire to achieve. Make a list of your goals in your mind’s eye to get clarity. When you are clear what you really desire to achieve, fall in love with your goals. Now give yourself a deadline when do you plan to achieve each of your goals. Finally take a flip chart and write down your goals with deadline for each goal. Remember to make it as colorful as possible and at the same time you need to prioritize your goals i.e. which goal you want to achieve first and then the next one and so and so forth.

Take as much time as you need to complete because you will mess up if you do it in a hurry. Once you complete this work, place your colorful flip chart in your room. Your mind will start working to help you achieve your goals automatically.

Now start to visualize the successful outcome. Visualization means seeing something in your mind’s eye and forgetting for a moment where you are. Project your thoughts into the future for just a few minutes and see yourself as having achieved your outcome. For example if your outcome is to get promoted, see yourself in a better position, in your own office, working efficiently, being competent and in control.

When you come across problems on the way to your success, obviously you will have to deal with them by working out a solution and overcoming them. While you are doing so, it will be helpful to visualize the successful outcome. As if you had already overcome the obstacles, to keep your spirits up.

Always remember your goal-your outcome. The more clearly you keep it in your mind, the more positive, energetic and motivated you will feel and the more likely it is that you will succeed.

To get the maximum effect of visualization, lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Put your focus on your breathing and take a few long deep breaths and with each long deep breath feel the feeling of relaxation in your entire body. Once you feel completely relaxed, imagine yourself in a particular situation. It could be your business, which you plan to expand. Imagine watching a movie about yourself in the situation. See it, feel it and try to be there. Imagine you are doing what you have to do to expand your business. See yourself looking at a paper with your advertisement in it…..see your staff is handling more and more enquiries every day….fixing appointments with prospective customers….see yourself getting more and more projects and your business is growing and your bank balance is growing to…..feel good, feel happy and feel excited. Feel your feelings fully and open your eyes. Do it 2-3 times a day to get desired outcome.


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