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Acne – Fight It With The Simplest DIY Expert Tips And Tricks!

If acne is making your life and face miserable then maybe you should start following a few expert tips and tricks that will make you look and feel better or even heal it forever!

Hormones, age, bad hygiene, oily skin, heritage, environment, food and the list never ends! Treatments for acne are numerous and not all work for all people.
That is because acne is not caused by just one thing so maybe your therapy should be more holistic.

What you should do if acne is making your life difficult,
is try to enrich your treatment with a few different expert tips and tricks in order to eliminate the factors that trigger it and prevent the damages on your face such as scars and dark spots. Try to cover as many factors as possible and see what works best for your skin.

If you keep your hair on your cheeks to hide acne

then acne will never leave your cheeks. That is the hair-acne paradox. :) Cut your hair. Or pull them back. Or shampoo every day. Or, anyway, do whatever you like in order to keep them away from your face. That is, because hair contains oil and oil contains germs that add to the problem. If you keep your hair on your cheeks to hide acne, then the area will always be problematic.

Do not wash your face more than once a day

Preferably at night, when there is actual dirt to wash. You may want to freshen up in the morning with cold water and it is fine. You may also want to do it 3 or 4 more times a day and it’s ok.

But use just water, not acne soaps, or heavy face wash products more than once a day because you will ruin the natural layer of oil and water that protects your skin. Plus, you will trigger the skin mechanism that produces more oil to restore the damage and that way, you will end up with an oily skin that will increase blackheads, germs and breakouts. Enough said.

Avoid rich spicy foods

because they tend to inflame and irritate your skin. Instead increase your intake of vitamins either by eating fruits and vegetables or by taking multivitamins.

Do not use makeup unless you remove it every night

Makeup is the best thing you can do, especially if you live in a big city because it protects your skin from the environment, the sun and bacteria but is clogging your pores if not removed properly at night.

If you don’t use make up and want to learn the basics, check my beauty guide to master make up and make your own makeup remover and eye makeup remover!

Change your pillow case and face towels every other day

Avoid that way the oil, germs and bacteria parade that come from your skin and may double the acne breakouts! If acne has spread on your back or your body, try to change every other day the sheets and your body towels too.

Never EVER squeeze your pimples or blackheads. Do not rub them, do not touch them, do not scratch or pick them, do nothing at all! I know it is tempting but statistics don’t lie. 90% of them will become larger and redder plus they tend to multiply!

Why? That is, because germs from your fingers will attack your skin causing extra infections and even more breakouts.

Nature is not always innocent

Lemon, honey, cinnamon, vinegar, you can try every natural remedy you like for a face mask but remember that every skin is different. Even more, when there is acne too.

For example, acids in lemon or vinegar can irritate your skin and cause redness or even a burn. Always test a homemade natural face mask before you apply it on your acne skin.

Now, who’s the fairest? ;)


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
25th Sep 2015 (#)

Thanks Constantina for the tips as many fret over this problem without being able to do much, or even worsen the issue - siva

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