Activities for living a hygienic lifestyle

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In order to live a hygienic life, it is not necessary to supply the body with wholesome substances and to exclude unwholesome substances, but it is also necessary that the body should at times act, and at other times be inactive. There are two great forms of activity, they are; work and play. And also the two great forms of inactivity are; rest and sleep. All the four of the activities are needed in a healthy lifestyle and in due relation to each other.

Tips for living a hygienic lifestyle

It is distinctly unhealthful either to over-do or under-do work, play, rest, or sleep. Moderation in all things is a rule that is particularly important for our health. Not all people are in need of exercise, nor are all in need of rest, but almost everyone needs to change his proportion between the two. Nowadays many people are suffering from too much or too little work. For instance, the increase in diseases of the heart is often due to nervous over-strain combined with either too much or too little physical exertion.
Tips to live a healthy lifestyle are as follows:

Prevention of over-strain: The methods of preventing or correcting over-strain vary greatly, according to the kinds of over-strain. In general, over-strain of any kind tends to lead to over-fatigue. Over-strain is to be avoided, by paying attention to nature's fatigue signals as soon as they appear. A very moderate degree of fatigue is perhaps normal, but anything that approaches exhaustion should be avoided with the utmost care.

Monotony and interruption: If the monotonous strain of performing numerical additions is interrupted a few times daily, the adding faculty of the brain is given much-needed rest. Most people complain of the many interruptions which they suffer, but if they would welcome these interruptions instead of allowing themselves to be irritated by them, each interruption would serve the purpose of a vacation. It is in this way that some of the greatest workers have been enabled to accomplished so much.

Eye-strain: One of the organs which are most commonly strained in this days is the eye. The eye, in its modern use, is constantly focusing at a short distance. To look at the horizon is a rest. The reflex evils from eye-strain are great and numerous and are often incorrectly ascribed to entirely different causes. Headaches, nausea, and dizziness are especially frequent results of the eye-strain.

Eye-strain is to be prevented by scientifically adapted spectacles, by care to secure the right kind of illumination, and in some cases by systematically resting the eyes. Reading on moving-trains or looking at moving pictures for a long time may over-strain the eye. One should be especially careful not to read in a warning light, or, on the other hand, to read in the glare of the sun. If someone works facing a window, it is advisable to wear an eye-shade, otherwise, there is a struggle between the tendency of the bright light to close the pupil and the tendency of the work required to keep it open.

The need of work: Normal work is one of the greatest blessings of life, but too many miss the joy of it, some people because their work has gone to the extreme of drudgery and others because it has shrunk into nothingness and futility. Sometimes people become ill because of their personality, hungry for work, a self-imposed curse of the idle rich.

Variety of work: Variety of work is especially needed nowadays when specialization tends to lead men to extremes. Changes in work which prevent a sense of monotony will greatly increase the power to work.

Working hours: Working hours should be so arranged as to enable the worker to fully recuperate overnight partly from sleep and partly from the recreation enjoyed in leisure between work and sleep.


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