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The reason why patients can manage to undertake surgery during Acupuncture stimulation has not been clarified and still unknown.


Acupuncture is a form of medical therapy wherein several thin and solid needles are inserted in different selected parts through out the body. This kind of therapy had long been use in Chinese medicine and had long been practiced through the ancient times. It was only in the 1970s when Acupuncture became popular among the western countries after some physician of China demonstrated it to control surgical pain.

Ancient Chinese Acupuncture practitioners postulated a system of energy circulation that is relevant to understanding of the blood circulation and the nervous system. The practitioners believe that there is a vital life energy that flows through the series of pathways or meridians in the body. Twelve of this meridians are located on each side of the body. They course through deep tissues of the body and are surfacing occasionally.

The surface touch by meridians are considered as useful treatment areas for diseases. Imbalances in the energy flow are thought to be the cause of this diseases.

Energy flow could increase by inserting a needle into a certain point. The use of the needles can also breakdown blocks of dams in energy flow or drain away excessive pressure.

The meridians were also variously related to the organs of the human body namely; the heart, the lungs, the colon, the gallbladder,the liver, and the other organs.

By taking the pulse associated with the meridian at the wrist, practitioners can be able to read the flow of energy in each of the meridian. The Acupuncture method is aimed in restoring normal energy flow making a perfect equilibrium that will exist through out the body.

As mentioned, Acupuncture can control surgical pain. It is possible by inserting needles in the various meridians in the body. In this process, the patient is stimulated by electrical current delivered through the needles. traditional method can also be used by the manual twirling of the needles. It is also possible to inject solutions at the body sites or to use an ultrasonic probes instead of using needles.

Stimulation will take for about 20 minutes before the surgery can begin. With the Acupuncture method, the patient will be wide awake and aware of the surgical process that he/she undertakes without the feeling of tremendous pain.

The reason why patients can manage to undertake surgery during Acupuncture stimulation has not been clarified and still unknown. Speculations among scientist states that the large sensory fibers are activated during the Acupuncture process, and that will inhibit transmission of impulses from the small fibers carrying the sensory input of pain.

Other scientist also speculate that there are naturally produced morphine like-substances-endorphins and enkephalins-that maybe released in the brain during the process of Acupuncture. As this substance will bind to opiate receptor cells, a system that will inhibit pain will be activated.

Acupuncture is also an effective for short term relief for a patient who suffered from chronic backache, headache and abdominal pain.

Acupuncture method has not been adapted as a modern technique in surgery. Surgical methods still commonly use a more safe, fast and reliable nerve block anesthesia.


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