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Trying to do two important things for your health and fitness at the same time

Gain Muscle and Lose Fat

Probably one of the most asked questions in any topic with the word “Muscle” in it, can you lose weight and gain muscles at the same time? Not exactly as I have phrased it, but still in the same line of thought. Many nutritionists have stated that losing fats and gaining muscles are two processes that can't be carried out simultaneously. This is because for these two, one is the direct opposite of the other and trying them out at the same time is like, as one expert put it, trying to sit and stand at the same time.
Therefore, if they can't work together, the other relevant option is to split them and work with them separately.
Knowing well that both processes will require a lot of dieting, separate the processes into periods where you interchange the events, from building muscles and toning them up, then you shift to dieting in response to the need to burn fats around your body.

(1) Body Building
The quickest way to building your muscles is to make your body get stronger. This is by getting into strength training and using gym equipments, barbells, and other weights and aim at exercises that touch on several muscles at once like dead lifts, squats, overhead press, resistance ropes and make sure that you do them to the limits every time you get the chance.
In terms of nutrition, you need a balance of almost all the elements and more so in carbohydrates and calories. The nutrition level of your body should be top and solid for quicker build up of muscles. For fats, strictly use Omega 3, Omega 6 or Omega 9 from fish or simply substitute it with olive oil. Greens should work well in terms of vegetables. And also there should be a high intake of fruits at least as an escort with every meal. Try changing the routine of the fruits every day or two. Whole grain foods should help out a lot. These include oats, pasta, rice and bread. Remember to take the recommended eight glasses of water daily without failure. This is because of the physical requirements of fluid in the body, plus the need to replace the lost water through sweat.

(2) Losing Fat
The above process will aid in the loss of fat, but gradually. However, you can speed up the process and handle it as a separate process from muscle building.

(3) Reduce the level of calories
Track the amount of calories in every meal you take. Cut the level of calories by 500 units every week for about two weeks and compare the results to when you started the tracking. If you notice any reduction, maintain the eating levels of calories. If the results are otherwise, cut down another 500 units.

(4) Introduce Cardio
Make sure that every strength training session is accompanied by a half an hour cardio, three times per week. This does not have to be as intense as the training, but you can start at moderate intensity and build up as time goes by. Cardio helps to burn fat and it works best if you breathe heavier during a rest. If you are gasping, reduce the intensity.


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