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Most young people now make video games as a 'trend' to fill their leisure time at home. So much so that most of them are willing to treat the money spent a game in the Center of the Internet. Time spent reaching for hours to focus on this game.

Games Addict

Those who enjoy playing video games, especially men always play the game and are prepared to leave the house to socialize and do activities that are not beneficial. Addiction is increasingly difficult to remove with the existence of a popular video game platforms like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The effects of addiction are not only have adverse effects on social relationships, but also put a limit to the range of study and complete homework.

In developed countries such as South Korea and Japan, this video game is most popular. Maybe a video game devices like Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Wii that comes from there causing too much. But, that is a big issue in this game which resulted in many people addicted to it and cause harm.

Addiction to playing video games is definitely there. Malaysia in particular, it has never been given much attention due to its effects seem not as addictive as other types of alcohol, gambling and drugs.

According to previous studies A player who is too preoccupied playing video games cause of death due to neglect health too addicted to playing games on the East Asian countries. According to reports, the victim is able to play without rest and sleep for 50 hours in the last few years before his death.

Why to be like this? Writer ever play video games western bar and tetris on school days. But today, even more worrying, video game addiction is not only to young people, even adults are not immune, especially after the application of ' candy crush saga ' was first introduced.

Their focus to play 'candy crush' and are prepared to put the work aside first. Why this scenario rather than the more widespread and increasingly bored?

The answer is the convenience of video games can be accessed online via smartphones like Android and iPhone. This forces the player to play continuously in real time to avoid defeat or purchase additional software applications.

As a result, players ignore the work and eventually had to be stopped and there are couples who are too careless to forget a virtual baby feeding baby food and eventually own their real baby starve to death.

Study shows that video game fourth highest cause of divorce in Japan. In children, the habit of eating while playing video games cause them to lose focus on learning and obese.

The role of parents is that they have to control the amount of time allotted for the kids to play video games. This is because the children also need to be involved with a variety of physical activities that can produce sweat and encourage social interaction with peers.

Parents need to spend more time with them. Bring the kids out to the playground. There are plenty of toys including a shopping complex where security worry haze or outside.

Most importantly, bring them into the world of reality.

You can also take them to visit their families or places of interest. They need to know that they are part of a large community in the country.

Video games became a drug ?

Came the question, how applications are designed game is able to invite people feel addicted to some individuals who are caught in the trap of technology. Strange initially, but it is not as alien as this scenario is something that is expected from the beginning.

In the brain, there is a chemical called 'dopamine' which is a mediator between the nerves (neurotransmitters). Dopamine works in the 'Aesolimbic Pathway' as activator system located in the 'Nucleus Accumbens' motivation level of control and excitement.

Want to know what is the cause why love is so deep and strong initially but eventually dropped ? . The dopamine this cause. The concept is still the same.
High focus initially raise strong feelings that can lead to 'silly' but if the feeling is not nurtured, the dopamine will decrease until the love is gone.

In the process of the occurrence of addiction, according to a study by psychologist famous West, Abraham Maslow before, there are four psychological needs or the lack of short-D requirements.

Among the first is physiological, water, food, air, shelter and so on. The second is security and influence. Third is the acceptance, approval and attention of the public and a fourth final confidence, rank and status.

This requirement is always to be met so that can cause psychological addiction is influenced by dopamine. It is also known as dopamine addiction.

In the context of video games, for example Dota 2 in which the player controls one of the 102 heroes to destroy ancient artifacts (Ancient) enemies in the game five versus five, each killing an enemy hero to certain satisfaction and pleasure, not to mention if you can help our counterparts to win the game.

Satisfaction and pleasure (which also meets the needs of the 3-D and 4 th) can drive the psychological addiction that caused players Dota 2 willing to spend a very long time to play this game applications.

Is this a bad addiction ?

There are cases of death due to video game addiction. Among them in 2007 in China as a teenager, found Xu Yan died from playing too often for two weeks. In the same year, a 30 year old man dies from playing non-stop for three days in a row.

In 2005, a Korean man died from playing the game 'Starcraft' for 50 hours nonstop. 2009 recorded a three month old baby died of malnutrition due to the negligence of parents. Ironically, parents busy raising children playing games virtually.

20 September last year, a high school student in the United States was found dead at her school was believed to have caused extreme tired of playing video games too often to ignore the rest and eat and drink.

In conclusion, video games are manageable and not too often can reduce stress and depression that can improve quality of life. Instead, play it too often proven health hazard that may result from neglect of rest, eat and drink.

However, according to the systematic study by Primack et Al in a journal issue of the United States in June 2012 found that the use of video games increased 69 percent as a result of clinical psychological therapy, 46 percent skill and 37 percent of physician revenue disease self-management.

However, if you look back on all the relevant facts, the average age of a game player is 30 years and the average years a player has been playing video games is 13 years old. 68 percent of gamers are 18 years old and above as well as 62 percent of gamers play along with other players, either directly or online.

The present, more than 36 percent of gamers play video games in the ' smartphone' and 25 percent of their players via wireless devices such as laptop, notebook, iPad and others to play.

Very funny by the fact whether based on international observational study, 71 percent of parents believe that video games can help boost mental and education of their children and 59 percent of parents believe they can spend time together with family and foster their relationship with playing video games.

The solution?

Ask yourself again, how many times or how many hours you play video games in a day. Generally, the maximum period is warranted for one hour in order to avoid addiction. If you play more than the time limit, you are already addicted to the game.

For those who are rigid, many reasons put forward such as boredom, stress, no activity and so on.

If you do not have many friends, it is possible the disease of addiction can dominate you. For those who have lots of friends, this addiction more easily 'removed'. Friends play an important role to help you change your routine is not good.

After realizing your behavior, preferably try to contact or conduct activities with friends as a measure to keep yourself busy by playing video games. Meet friends in a place you feel comfortable as this may prevent you from feeling bored. Hang out with friends can encourage you to get out of the house and makes you more open minded.

Get a driver's license for those who have reached 18 years and invite a friend out doing activities together such as exercising, playing sports, watching movies, etc.. This activity is a bit much to distract you from playing video games at home.

Even if you are familiar out with friends doing activities, does not mean you can get rid of the addiction to playing video games.

The next step is to limit the time you play the video game. Upon returning home after coming out with a friend, take the time to think how much time you have allocated for this game.

If ever you are familiar play to not get enough sleep, train yourself to change the habit. Assuming you are addicted to play for five hours nonstop, change the time to three hours and shorter on the next day.

Over time you will be able to limit your time to play the game.

As most secure, try note to parents that are difficult to remove this addiction in yourself. Explain to them that you can concentrate and plan activities only if they take the video game.

Tell parents that they need to hide it in a video game is not known to you even if you are tired of searching. Over time you will be able to shift their attention to more important things like studying, playing games, meet friends, and so on.


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