Adhd - can nutrients help.

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This page is about attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and how nutrients, vitamins and minerals may be able to help.


ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is something which can effect children and adults alike. Anyone struggling with this condition, will find concentrating and focusing difficult. People suffering with ADHD, find it hard to follow directions and often get bored and irritated whilst completing simple tasks, and they often act impulsively and with out thought. ADHD can be a real problem to the person suffering with it, and it often effects the persons self-esteem and relationships, addiction is also a common trait of somebody suffering with this.

Treating Adhd

Drugs have become the way in which we treat this problem in the western world, western medicines are seen as the answer to our problems. But treating ADHD the way we do does have significant side effects for the patient, so is it not our responsibility, to find a more suitable, pain and stress free solution. Simple vitamins and minerals can go along way with helping the human machine, and I wonder how many people suffering with ADHD are getting the vitamins and minerals that there body needs.


Zinc is a mineral which the human body will struggle with out, many people don't get the Zinc that there body needs and without it, we can run into trouble. I wonder how many ADHD sufferers have low amounts of Zinc in there bodies, I am guessing a fair few of them. Although we can get extra Zinc into our bodies by buying Zinc supplement tablets, this is not what I would personally recommend.
I think getting vitamins and minerals the natural way through our food is much healthier, and much more reliable. If you think you may need more Zinc, then we can get it by eating dairy foods, beans, poultry, fortified cereals, nuts, oysters, seafood and whole grains. Studies have already proven that fish helps fight the ADHD symptom's, and this is down to the omega-3 found in it. So if you want lots of omega-3 helping your body and helping your brain, then eat plenty mackeral, salmon, albacore tuna, sardines and trout.


Concentration is something we must do with our brains, so in order to concentrate better our brains must get the things that it needs. Forget the drugs, get back to nature, and listen to the needs of your body and your brain. The human body is like a machine, and the brain is no different, in order for it to work properly, then we need to feed it the right things. I fear we have gone so far into treating problems with chemicals, we are forgetting the basic needs of our bodies.

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