Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - what everyone should know

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This article discusses the challenges faced by sufferers of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and the recommendations for coping with the effects of the condition.

Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - what everyone should know

Attention Hyperactivity Deficit Disorder, henceforth known as ADHD, can be as traumatizing for both the sufferer as it is for the people who care about him or her. It can handicap a person almost as much as much as other ailments that make a person wheelchair bound or unable to uses mobile parts of his or her body.
The most obvious symptom of a person with this ailment would be a lack of
organizational skills. The sufferer may find himself overwhelmed by the responsibilities
of work or everyday life, hence finding it difficult to know where to begin with tasks assigned. He or she may find that he needs more time to complete tasks at hand, or may
even find an inexplicable difficulty doing them altogether.
ADHD comes with it problems with short term memory that can, if not managed appropriately, cause various career related issues. This may include constantly misplacing important items like one’s wallet, keys or mobile phone. Needless to say, this will cause misunderstandings at work when the sufferer is deemed to be inefficient or worse still, deliberately forgetting important details.
There is also the inability to honor commitments, which may come across to loved ones as being uncaring or insensitive. More often that not, it is simply a result of forgetting the commitment or lack of circumspection which prevents sufferers from taking promises seriously. This would, of course, sour relationships.
Sufferers also experience hypersensitivity, when anything that is said and done by others may come across as an affront to them and it explains the explosive temper that they often have. They often see trivial trespasses as veiled insults or sarcastic remarks.
Using organizational tools like planners on mobile phones, sticky applications and voice reminders often help in getting a sufferer more organized. This would apply to anyone, but is particularly helpful to a person experiencing this condition. The constant tracking allows the sufferer to remain focused on tasks and commitments.
Creating a comfortable area at work is essential for someone with ADHD and provides him or her with a sense of security. Deciding beforehand where things are kept would help greatly and keep him and the area organized. This contributes effectively to efficiency at work and adds meaning to a sufferer’s life.
Constant reflecting and asking “Should I have said that”? helps a person with ADHD manage tense and difficult emotions. Stopping before saying or doing anything would be vital in managing life and relationships.
Remember, though, that a person with ADHD is far from being incompetent or unintelligent - he or she just needs time to curb impulses and regroup from time to time. With proper systems, management and care, having been diagnosed should pose no barrier to having a healthy, normal life.


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