Advice for Adults Newly Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder

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Tips for those who are newly diagnosed with adult attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder

Treating Yourself Gently After Undiagnosed Attention Deficicit Disorder (ADD or ADHD)

Even in childhood, people with undiagnosed ADHD may find themselves frequently frustrated because they seem to have a million brilliant plans and all but the smallest of them are like grapes that died on the vine. They don't have the concentration needed to see any but the simplest steps through to the end, and eventually may give up dreaming big ideas and become classified as underachievers because the inability to fulfill goals leads to an unwillingness to set them. This chain of behaviors can also lead to a secondary depression. A lot of ADHD is caught in the schools currently, but not all of it. Some adults may suffer for years, and never be diagnosed, but some may be fortunate enough to have an astute physician or psychiatrist pick up on telltale symptoms and administer a series of simple tests. Learning you have ADHD, especially as a teen or an adult, can change the way you feel about yourself. You may actually get a feeling of relief, following the disappointment that there is something "wrong" with you. ADHD can wreak havok on relationships, careers, finances, and your social life. This is partially due to the impulsivity that comes along with it, the inability to see things through and the tendency you may have to look for a quick fix out of frustration.

Once you are diagnosed by a medical doctor as having ADHD the most common course of action is to be prescribed a drug. These are usually amphetemines or other stimulants, with a high potential for abuse If used exactly as prescribed, your ADHD will soon begin to be controlled and you will probably soon start feeling like a new person. If abused, you just create a worse problem for yourself. There are long and short acting medications and you and your doctor may have to try a few until you get the brand and dosage right. The medication is designed to help you concentrate on the task at hand and keep your mind from wandering. There are some advocates of all natural therapies, which include eliminating food additives, dies, sugars, allergens, and adding vitamins and various natural remedies. Success has been found both ways. It is important that you not believe simply taking a pill is going to solve all your ADHD problems, particularly if you have been living with it your whole life. Therapy is advised to learn how to cope with your new way of life and you must make changes on your own to help yourself learn to concentrate and see things (Including relationships) through to completion

People with ADHD often accuse themselves of being lazy or worthless because they haven't been able to accomplish all the things they fell they should have been able to do, they don't know why they haven't lived up to their potential in many areas of their lives. Many people with ADHD are extremely intelligent and inventive. However, they can develope depression from the chronic sense of self-doubt and the possible sense of disappointment from family members. Children with ADHD may also develope depression from the hyperactive nature of the disorder, either acting out their hyperactivity and being shunned as "weird" by their peers, or being celebrated by their peers and being in constant danger from teachers and principals. Certainly either of these scenarios could have happened to you as an undiagnosed child with ADHD and may still be affecting your feelings about yourself now.

Now that you know what the problem is and you are treating yourself more gently, there are practical things to do in order to keep on track and more productive. You will need to try to diminish distractions to whatever degree is possible and realistic.

Put your desk or workspace in an area where you are less likely to be distracted. No windows to gaze out of, and stay away from areas frequented by friendly "traffic". Unexpected visiting will be less likely

Keep your workspace clean and clutterfree. Also cut back on the noise. Wear head phones if needed.

Commit time for yourself. Block out squares of time when you obligate yourself to nothing but the task at hand. Let people know if you must. Whether at work or at home, don't let colleagues or kids drop in on you for a specified time, don't answer the phone, or e-mail.

Keep worktime for one task limited. When you are faced with a challenge , set a timer for fifteen minutes and work on it for that long and quit. Come back later and set the timer again.

Don't judge your task until it's completed. Refuse the urge to speculate on your progress. That will eliminate your inner critic and the perfectionism that causes you to get frustrated and scrap things before they are done. Do not criticize that which is incomplete, and do not rush yourself.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
25th Apr 2013 (#)

I am aware of a connection between food colorings red and yellow in attention problems in kids I wonder if its in adults too.

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author avatar Helen Stuart
25th Apr 2013 (#)

I've heard a little about food colorings too. I also didn't mean to discount the value of medications, although meds like Adderall and Concerta are frequently criticized, I would not function nearly as well without my adhd med.

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author avatar Songbird B
29th Apr 2013 (#)

A well written and informative article Helen, and also a positive approach towards it with structured guidelines. Really good page my friend\0/x

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