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This page is just touching on affection and how not giving it can really damper someone's spirits who feel that they may want or need it.

Affection: Are You Showing It?

No one should ever have to beg for affection from their significant other. It is something that should be given freely, randomly, intensely, gently and daily. It is caring and a great way of showing that you care. There is never such a thing of giving too much affection, especially if you claim to Love the other person.

When this claim of Love is given, and affection is not shown, eyebrows are raised because affection is a great indicator that Love is present. If not, then it is believed that maybe the Love is not as strong as it is said to be. When a baby is born, affection is given to that child immediately, and on throughout. Why? Because the parents have genuine Love for their child and it is human nature that we affectionately show it.

Affection is projected in a manner that not only makes one feel physically good or needed, but it goes deeper than one might imagine. It is only noticed when affection is not given that a person feels neglected and unwanted. Feeling needed and wanted is something that everyone desires. Feeling wanted is something that is totally different than feeling needed, but they are really one in the same in a sense. Someone may feel that they need something. That is a necessity to them, desire. Or someone may feel that they want something. It is a desire, not necessarily a necessity.

Love without affection is a lie. Everything and everyone you know will receive affection. It is not always physical, it can be spiritual, and emotional. It is showing someone a gentle fondness or liking. It is very natural and should be embraced by more. When not received it can make one bitter, numb, callous, feel rejected, and they would also feel unloved.

So, if you have someone in your life, let them know it. Don't just let them know it by saying it, doing things for them, but showing them through affection. Just think about how many headaches and heartaches could have been avoided if a person had received affection. Give it, and accept it. It is ok.


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