Ailments Which Strike 40 Plus Women.

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Women are so pre-occupied in household chores and taking care of their family that they often ignore their personal health. This is something they must not do for they often have to pay a heavy price later in life.

Mid- Life Health Problems Of Women.

A woman is the nucleus of the family. She plays the role of a daughter, wife and mother and nurtures the family with utmost love and care. She inherits the nature of giving topmost priority to family interests and puts her needs in the backburner. By doing so she often tends to ignore and neglect her health. In modern times a woman plays a dual role that of a nurturer and provider for her family and hence undergoes a lot of physical, mental and emotional stress. As a woman reaches her middle age certain ailments are likely to strike her of which she should be aware of and take necessary precautionary measures to prevent them from occurring.
In rural India women's health is given very little importance. Men feel women are made of steel and disaster can never strike them. She is capable of performing domestic chores 24x7. Since these women are not literate enough to understand the importance of regular health check ups they often tend to become victims of mid life health crisis and often a 40 year old appears like a 60 year old. This is what we get to observe in our rural villages.
Like men women also work under pressure which can affect her health in the long run .Hypertension or high blood pressure and other cardiac problems can happen to women also just like men. Hence, it is essential to have a regular blood pressure check up done and an annual lipid profile done to know the HDL and LDL that is good and bad cholesterol levels in blood. We are always under the myth that cardiac problems are not for women for their hormones prevent them which is again wrong.
Women can also develop hyperglycaemia or high blood sugar level in blood. If they suffer from diabetes then they are likely to develop cardiac problems and one should not be surprised if she has a myocardial infarction or heart attack. Hence, a regular electrocardiogram (ECG) is also required for women as much as it is needed for men.
Thyroid problem is another common disorder in females. People think only obesity is the sign of thyroid malfunctioning and a slim woman need not worry at all. Thyroid hormone is an iodine containing substance synthesized and secreted by thyroid gland which is essential for normal metabolic process and mental and physical development. It is situated at the base of the neck. Hyperthyroidism or excessive secretion of thyroid hormone in the bloodstream causes rapid heart beat, sweating, tremor, anxiety, increased appetite, loss of weight and intolerance of heat. Whereas, hypothyroidism causes overweight, increased level of sugar and cholesterol levels in blood and even infertility problems.
Another problem which strikes women post menopause is osteoporosis or loss of boney tissue which results in brittle bones liable to fracture. Many Indian women are not even aware that it has set in and they reach the orthopaedic only when the problem becomes severe and unbearable. If detected early then though the condition can't be reversed but it can be managed well and arrested from worsening further by intake of Calcium and vitamin D, be it from natural sources or supplements.
Once the condition is known and investigation is over then comes treatment but women tend to discontinue treatment since other needs take precedence over it. As advised by their medical experts they should complete the full course of treatment. Whether a woman works or she is a homemaker she should spare some time for exercise. Many age related ailments can be treated and managed well if detected early so don't let health slip away from you for it will never forgive you.


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