Alheimer's a growing epidemic

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At West Point Obama told us,, that "American exceptionalism" is a doctrine that justifies Washington. If Washington violates the law by torture, or violates the Nuremberg standard by invading countries that have undertaken no hostile action against the US or its allies, "exceptionalism" is the priest's blessing that absolves Washington's sins against law and international norms. The constitution is transformed into Washington's affirmation of the destruction of the rule of law....

The Wages of Sin is Death

Most Americans don't know or refuse to understand their individual responsibility when it comes to the law. The powers that think they be in Washington, have no use for the law...They are killing, maiming, and murdering millions of people around the globe, stealing their land, and their resources. All of this activity is illegal...and boy are we paying dearly for this.

Universe says we have free will, but first comes unconditional love. The individual has rights and freedom as long as they do not impinge upon any other being's rights and freedoms...if we sin, then we must die.

People do not understand the definition of death. It is the cutting off of the memory, so much so that Egypt which flourished only a few thousand years ago, is a mystery that needed to be uncovered, because their sins heaped major mounds of sand on their work, their state of civilization, their sins... We see from all the lost civilizations that they have all suffered the same fate, total loss of memory. We dig in a frenzy to see what caused the collapse of their civilizations, it was Alzheimer's dis ease.

This generation of vipers seeks a sign, the only sign they they will receive is the loss of memory.

Remember in planet of the Apes, when Charleton Heston, riding upon a steed, turns the corner and sees the Statue of Liberty destroyed in the river??? Yes, the whole memory of this civilization will ultimately be destroyed, and by apathy, because apathy destroys so much more completely...and God's Will be done.

Alzheimer's, besides destroying your memory will kill you, it is the 5th leading cause of death, and other diseases of dementia such as grave's disease are just as bad, every 70 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's in the US's meat, meat makes 'em mad' is a true enough saying, however when you live in a completely LAWLESS state of existence, and do nothing to take responsibility for that lawlessness, than everyone and everything becomes infected with this Dis Ease.

Fact: The technology and life style on the earth right now, was also here in the days of Noah...Fact: we know nothing about this because we have no memory of it...Fact: God sent a flood to wipe out Noah's civilization....Fact: God is sending a flood to wipe out ours...

People keep saying "Wake up America!" But they don't even remember what is it to be awake...They have fallen so deeply into this depravity, they have no idea and don't remember what is real or fake..

The symptoms are clear, Memory loss is commonly associated with Alzheimer's disease. However, a variety of physical changes occur to the body during the disease process. Physical effects begin to show during the middle stages of the disease, often within two years of diagnosis, and become more prominent during the end stages of the condition. Alzheimer's is an incurable disease.

Immobility and the inability to stay coordinated are the initial physical symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Muscles become rigid and tremors are noticeable. Using mobility devices, such as canes or walkers, may be necessary to avoid falls. An Alzheimer's patient needs frequent reminders to use mobility devices. During the late stages of Alzheimer's, mobility is severely restricted. A person often requires a wheel chair for mobility and eventually becomes totally bed-bound. Muscles become contracted. A person will lose the ability to smile and become completely reliable on care staff for repositioning to avoid bedsores.

Incontinence is the inability to control urine and bowel functions. The first episodes of incontinence are often not due to physical changes, but rather because the Alzheimer's patient is unable to locate a bathroom, remove clothing appropriately or find assistance. A toileting program, bringing the patient to the restroom every one to two hours, may aid in stopping some incontinence issues. Still, total loss of bowel and bladder control is unavoidable in the late-middle and end stages of the disease.

Apraxia is defined as the impairment to perform pre-programmed motor skills. Initial loss of skills includes the inability to perform basic daily skills. A person with Alzheimer's is unable to bathe himself, brush his teeth or feed himself. Closely related to body changes are instinctive physical skills lost in the late or end stages of the disease. These instinctive skills include basic functions of chewing, swallowing and speaking. The brain is unable to coordinate the basic functions of swallowing and breathing. Aspirating liquids or food into the lungs is a danger---many Alzheimer's victims develop aspiration pneumonia during the late stage of the disease.

The disease of Alzheimer's is becoming a worldwide epidemic....this is your sign, this generation has asked for a sign, Here it is...The wages of sin is death, that is the cutting off of the memory, first as an individual, then as a group, then as a nation, a region, the whole world....

And you wonder why we have no clue about "the days of Noah."


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