Alkaline, Acid and Attitude

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Getting from the convenience of availability to the reward of healthy activity. Ask better questions and define whats really at hand. Better choices are more frequently achieved when purpose and enjoyment are in the plans.

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Salad first. Everyone remembers Grandmother insisting that we eat all of our vegetables. We all know that its the right thing to do. How many of us actually create the lifestyle that promotes those best for our well being choices? The question has been asked; if you drop a food on the ground, will it grow mold or will it grow more food? If it isn't designed to grow more of the same than its definitely not priority one. This isn't going to be a what to eat story. This is going to be a what to do, to get what you need to eat, concepts and suggestions page.
Research is extremely valuable for anyone who recognizes the usefulness of conscious choices and purposeful living. It seems the older I get the more I appreciate greater quality foods, as well as greater a variety of foods. Simple is still key. How do you apply simple to variety and depth, when it comes to making choices? Begin with the essence of food. Begin with natures options. If your not already eating natures food and you would like to start over, at starting over, an easy way to begin again without feeling as if its a chore is to visit your favorite restaurants and test the salads first. Beginning with the salad as a priority ensures that you get your essentials. There are Three personal restaurants of choice in my neighborhood. Firstly because of the richness of the ingredients in the salad. The best choices for me have been those with the most natural ingredients as well as the most ingredients in general. Essential oils, nuts, berries, leaves, spices, vegetables, and proteins. Of the three favorite salads that I choose regularly its usually a toss up of which favorite I crave that particular day. It still comes down to environment , distance, and other variables. The best feeling of all is knowing that I've done whats best for my body and I make sure I make it all happen in fun.
From there its natural to chat about the choices with your dinner mate. Which takes you then to the market place and the best you-tube pages to investigate. When searching for the best of the best of choices for your bod, begin with the understanding that alkaline is what you want and acid is what you do not. Asking the best questions is better than asking the right questions but the right questions are the same as the best questions when you understand what matters most to your health and well-being. Realize that what you eat you begin to crave. So when you begin with the essentials that promote your longevity, choices become cravings then habits and satisfaction is matched with your actions then you've mastered the ways of your world. The vast amount of quality foods available are overlooked all to often. Its mostly because of the amount of processed foods that bombard our immediate sphere of awareness. Let me remind you that we are eliminating the bogus choices because we began with what the body needs. Have you ever heard someone say that food is over rated? Well its true that on average we do not need the amount that we typically take in. Alot of that is because we crave the nutrients that are missing form the abuse the the soil receives. There is the awareness that the farms are depleting the soil. The chemicals are directly related to pollution which in turn promotes the acid which makes us all sick. The best choices again, become organic ones and raw is even better yet. For me its more fun to spend shopping time with a friend that can put forth a unique point of view. Alone is all good but my personal choice is to share in the joy of the possibilites and to taste and to test and compare.
Trips to the grocery can seem like a chore when you schedule the trip in big chunks. Cooking at home with the freshest of foods requires more frequent trips to the store. By reducing the must haves and creating more could be's you lessen the bulk of your trip while opting for better and healthier choices and less time in the lines you'll have whipped.
Snack, Snack, Snack. We only eat three meals a day because we where taught to do it that way. In fact, it is best if you eat all day long. 6 meals makes a big difference. Many people will say they don't have the time to do that. It comes down to what matters the most. First build a big list of the options that exist then you'll find ways to make it all fit. Some choices can fit in your pocket or desk without the need for keeping it cold. When you break your meals up into 5 or more treats, the time it takes to eat is broken as well. So there will come a time when you develop the habit to snack and find that your rarely hungry. As well as realizing that your saving more time to achieve that which makes you more happy and free. Be careful of water as odd as it seems. Some bottled is mostly acidic. Once again I have found that You-tube is profoundly packed full of the best of ideas . Ask better questions to get better answers, and remember this. The most important two things you can do when your making a new set of plans, is to make it a game and to take time to grasp, the essence of the purpose at hand.

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19th Jul 2011 (#)

Good advice. I am a grazer, I eat very small snacks throughout the day. Thank you for sharing.:)

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