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Kiss feeding is an old practice of feeding our child. Is it really health wise or a health risk for our children?

Kiss Feeding: An Ancient Practice of Feeding a Child

Many of us may have read the news about Alicia Silverstone's way of feeding her child, or perhaps some of us here doing or have done such practice before. How about eating those leftovers of your kids which were already chewed up by them.. These patterns may have been influenced by our own culture and by that we will surely have a different read on this matter and DEFINITELY I am NOT going to discourage anyone from doing so just because I have the opposite opinion. I will simply state my opinion why I hold a negative judgment of the said practices. I will live to you your right for your own final say.

I find both actions unpleasant and definitely neither I'll be doing. Although there is a list of advantages in doing premastication for our children’s food and it says it even outweighed the risks , still the study of its health benefits is not yet well established and remain actively on going.

When I first introduced solid foods to my children I would either use a blender or a fork to soften and break down the foods into small particles which my baby could possibly chew and digest. Even they are my own kids still Im not comfortable of giving them foods stuffed with my saliva. We just can't be sure of what diseases we are carrying
asymptomatically inside our body systems. Just think of that thousands if not millions of bacteria from our mouth we can possibly pass on to our children.

I have the same insight also for eating our kiddos leftovers after they chewed it up and spit out. Some parents would take the food and eat. My husband is one guilty of this and I immediately scolded him when i saw him eat up the food which was already chewed up by our two year old daughter. My additional reasoning of not permitting such behavior especially in front of kid’s presence is to avoid the kids from believing that it's just fine to eat up foods coming from other peoples mouth.

We may find health advantages on premastication but still proper learning is a must. Does it really outweighs the disadvantages? One golden rule is to make sure any person that will be practicing premastication must be sure of their health condition to avoid transmitting a disease to their precious one. We can give an equally great love for our children with out putting risks on them..


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th Oct 2013 (#)

Good share. It is not hygienic and it reminds me of wild dogs that I have seen in documentaries feeding their pups after regurgitating the meat they had chewed. They have no choice as pups are vulnerable in the open - siva

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