All You Need to Know about Cataract

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Cataract can develop due to many factors but the most common being age. It is necessary to take care of the eyes and keep regular intervals between check-ups. It is completely curable provided it is treated at the right time and not delayed. If does, can lead to permanent visual impairment.

he eyes and keep regular intervals between check-ups

In Shakespeare's era, cataract was used to refer to a waterfall, which is actually fitting. Similar to the cloudy vision caused by cataract, metaphorically, the cloud formed by water droplets near a waterfall also blurs the image providing a cloudy view.

People living to greater ages have higher risks of developing this problem. Live to the age 80 and half of you will roughly have it in one or both the eyes. It is a condition which in the initial stages, if treated, is not threatening. But, if a cataract eye surgery is not performed, eventually it can lead to permanent blindness. The surgery should never be a rash decision. There are different types of cataracts and different problems related to them. It is best, if you discuss it with your doctor as soon as you discover a problem and then proceed with whatever they suggest.

Eye care hospitals and eye clinics now-a-days are well equipped with technologically advanced machines and tools to perform different techniques. Laser cataract surgery is a very common procedure these days, available at all the leading eye care facilities.

There is more that we should know about cataract. Below are some highlights and essential facts that you should be aware of:

1) As mentioned above, the most important risk factor for cataract is age
Most of the cases are due to age. The risk of cataract increases with increasing age due to protein clumps that form inside the eye. This happens because, the protein from which the lens of the eye is made up of, bundle together and cloud small areas of the lens making it difficult to see.

2) It is possible to be born with it
Congenital cataract is the one developed by babies inside the mother's womb. It can occur as a result of infections such as rubella, chicken pox etc. in the mother at the time of pregnancy.

3) It does not spread from one eye to the other
It is not a contagious disease and thus, catching cataract from someone already having it is practically impossible.

4) Cataract may manifest in various ways
The black eyeball turns white because of the accumulation of protein over it. A cloudy or a blurry vision is another symptom which may produce double or multiple images of the same thing. Light sources appear too bright and colors may appear faded in some cases.

5) Factors that can lead to the problem
Diseases like hypertension and malnutrition make you more prone to the disease. Also, habits like heavy alcohol intake and smoking increase the risk of cataract formation.

6) Cataract eye surgery is one of the most perfected eye surgeries in the world
In well-equipped eye clinics and hospitals, it is possible to safely get cataractous lens replaced with an intraocular lenses and the patient can return home the same day. The procedure has a successfully high rate when done in a well-equipped center.


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