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Green almonds are from the important spring fruits, it is rich in many vitamins such as vitamin A and iron too which are necessary for the body.

Benefits of green almonds

Green almonds has a huge importance for the pregnant women and also the baby, it is also used to treat the bloody gums after squeezing its peel. The almond lowers cholesterol levels and helps to to reduce the risk of heart diseases, it also protects cells from damage, sweet almonds work on nourishing various layers of the skin and it smoothen the dry skin.
A list of different almond's and almond's milk benefits :
1. It treats burns from first degree:
2. Almond milk is used for asthema and thoracic chronic cough.
3. It treats the irritation of gastrointestinal , also, it prevents friction of food.
4. It treats urinary tract diseases, and heartbreaking gravel and sand, prevents kidney infections and treat it too.
5. It contains minerals especially phosphorus , acidic and unsaturated oil, all of this helps to calm nerves, stimulate the brain and its functions.
6. It treats both neurological diseases and aches.
7. It prevents anemia by the complex vitamin B, iron and minerals that it contains.
8. By toasting some almonds and adding it to coffee, it lowers the proportion of caffeine , and it can be used as an alternative to whole milk and normal coffee.
9. Boiled almond peel treat colds and both cough and throat infections.
10.A recent study has showen that almond oil works as a contraceptive for heart diseases.
11. Other studies have showen that if we use almond oil instead of fat,then, it will lower cholesterol level in the blood, and its effect is stronger more than the effect of olive oil.
Healthy benefits of green almonds :
Fresh green almonds contain many nourishing nutrients that the human body needs, and it has been scientifically proven its postive effect on our health, green almonds are also known for their health benefits.
Some important health benefits of green almonds:
- Green almonds are rich in antioxidants which help to flush harmful toxins from our body, also help to stimulate the immune system and this one helps the body to fight diseases.
- Green almonds helps on losing weight and this is because they contains fatty acids that does not cause any negative effect in our body but instead of that it consume calories in metabolism


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