Allergy- Your kids need a Child hospital

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A high fever, a fall, and diarrhea that lasts longer- Difficult for young parents not to panic. How to recognize a real emergency and know when to bring the baby to the hospital? Discover the signs that do not deceive.

Is pollution a significant cause of asthma in the child?

Indeed, the air pollution from micro dust facilitates both the disease itself and the development of a crisis of breathlessness. But other factors are coming back strongly to light. For example, viral infections play an important role. In recent years we have had so many respiratory syncytial viruses and some cases of pertussis, despite vaccination.
False beliefs in medicine can do severe damage. If there are children, then it's even worse. We often act "by hearsay" and never verify the integrity of the information. Myths to be debunked, handed down from generation to generation, from grandmothers to young mothers. Here is a short overview of what is right and what is not in the complex world of pediatric allergies.

Is atopic dermatitis no longer an allergic disease?

In spite of the new acquisitions on the genetics of this disease, which have shown how the skin of these children is more permeable than the others' skin for enzymatic deficits, atopic dermatitis remains an allergic disease. Food, dust, animal hair can make it worse and are essential contributors to it.

Can fruits and vegetables prevent allergies?

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables protects from asthma because these foods contain antioxidant factors, but more and more we see allergies to fresh fruit and vegetables that our children did not know. For example tropical fruits such as lychee, but also basil, saffron, peaches.
In any case, it is advised to visit a baby hospital first and then try some medication.


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