Alli Fat Blocker: A Product Guide

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This article reviewed "Alli Fat Blocker". It describes how this works, where to buy and possible side effects of this product.

Alli Fat Blocker: A Product Guide

Ever heard of Xenical? Well, I’m sure you have if you’re one of those weight loss enthusiasts that are looking for a quick fix in shedding those pounds away. Xenical is an FDA approved drug that needs a prescription from a physician before you can get your hands on it. It sure is effective and efficient in losing weight but is not really recommended fro everyone. That’s why it is classified as a prescription drug as excessive dose can cause a serious harm to the user. If you wish to have the same benefits as this drug gives, you may choose to have Alli Fat Blocker as an alternative.

Alli Fat Blocker works the same way as Xenical but in lower concentrations, thus making it safer to take as compared to the latter. This is the first fat blocker that is FDA approved, giving it a better impression of safety and effectiveness. The most important ingredient of it that enables extreme results for weight loss is the Orlistat which is also an active ingredient of Xenical. Orlistat is known to have an effect in weight loss and in absorption of fats in the body.

How the Alli Fat Blocker Works?

Normally, the body has functioning enzymes that help absorb fats that you accumulated from the foods that you take. However, when you drink Alli Fat Blocker, these enzymes will be paralyzed causing the fats to be drained out of the body instead of being absorbed into the system. The body naturally needs fats for proper functioning. The role of Alli Fat Blocker is to get rid of those excess fats that may cause unwanted weight gain on your body.

Studies have shown the efficacy of this drug on weight loss. For every 2lb weight that you shed off with your own effort, an additional 1 lb would be torched off with intake of Alli Fat Blocker, making you lose weight 50% more than usual. This shall enable a speedy weigh loss that most overweight people dreams of having. There are actually reports of losing 10 lbs in only 2 months. Aside from that, users have testified on the sustainability of the loss as compared with other diet supplements. Unlike others that makes you gain weight as fast as you have lost it, Alli fat Blocker will give you long lasting results given with right discipline in food intake and exercise activities.

Side Effects of Alli Fat Blocker?

Despite being FDA approved, there are still side effects accompanying Alli Fat Blocker. They are the following:

1. Oily stools
Being a weight loss supplement, Alli Fat Blocker blocks fats from being absorbed into the body by the circulating enzymes in the intestine. As a result, unabsorbed fats will find its way to exit the body, usually through natural excretion of wastes. Fats along with the fecal contents are usually oily in texture as this signifies the fats being released by the body. These stools are usually foul smelling. In fact, oil may even escape the bowel even without the act of defecation.

2. Flatulence
Another side effect of Alli fat Blocker is the frequent flatulence. This may be harmless in nature but may become a stigma for the one experiencing it. It may cause a lot of embarrassment and uncomfortable feelings to the one having such dilemma.

3. Vitamin deficiency
As the fats escapes out of the body, the vitamins and minerals that it contains goes along with it, depriving your body of the needed nutrients for it to function healthily. Usually, those who take Alli Fat Blocker also take vitamin supplements to compensate for the nutrients loss that he or she experiences.

Where to buy Alli Fat Blocker?

There are lots of distributors for Alli Fat Blocker. The most trusted of them all is the website that distributes 100% genuine product.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Apr 2012 (#)

am wary of such things...and the harm they can do to our bodies...perhaps people should eat less and not chemical foods...thank you anyway

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30th Apr 2012 (#)

Very interesting. Thank you Shyne. Hope to be in your friendship.

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30th Apr 2012 (#)

Thank you too Sir Vpaulose. = >

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30th Apr 2012 (#)

Thank you Ma'am cnwriter for reading my article. I also prefer eating and living healthy. This article though is a request from a reader.

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