Aloe Vera, the Best Ayurvedic Remedy for Cancer

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Ayurveda is getting recognition all over the world today. The ancient Indian medicinal systems of Ayurveda and Siddha are doing wonderful service in curing diseases. They have assured remedies for even cancer

Aloe Vera, the Best Ayurvedic Remedy for Cancer

Cancer is threatening the world with its cruel hands of incurability. Ancient medical systems like Ayurveda and Siddha have many prescriptions for this monstrous disease. A simple and low-cost remedy is given below. It has been yielding wonderful results.
This medicine prepared with Aloe Vera has no side effects and can be used confidently. It is very simple, easy to prepare and costs very cheap.

Ingredients you need for preparation:
1) Two or three leaves of Aloe Vera
2) Half a kilo of honey
3) Four teaspoonfuls of distilled liquor (brandy, whiskey or mahua)
Method of preparation:
Remove the thorns and cut the leaves into small pieces. Take a container and put the pieces of leaves, honey and liquor and stir them well with a spoon. Preserve this in a cool place and use as per prescription.

Method of using:
Take one teaspoonful thrice a day on an empty stomach at least fifteen minutes before taking meals. Take this medicine consequently for ten days. If you do not find any improvement, take for ten days more. It should be continued till complete cure is obtained and established by medical examination.

It may cause vomiting or a kind of nausea or dysentery. Some may experience pimple-like skin eruptions also.
Diet restriction:
Take plenty of fruits. But avoid fruits that are disagreeable to the patient, causing gastric and intestinal fermentation.

You can take rice, bread, chapatti or green vegetables. Drinking plenty of water is the most important necessity.
Any type of cancer can be cured with this medicine—either internal or external. This medicine is good for leukemia, breast cancer, psoriasis and ulcer. /this can be used also as a preventive medicine.


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author avatar James R. Coffey
27th Aug 2010 (#)

This article is right up my alley! Thanks!

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author avatar siboiss
28th Aug 2010 (#)

I have always known that Aloe Vera was good, but the fact that it is good for Cancer, that is new information. Thanks!

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author avatar Brenda Shelton
29th Aug 2010 (#)

Aloe is one of Gods natural cures for burns and many other things. Good to know cancer is another one.

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author avatar Abdou dabo
22nd Nov 2010 (#)

j'utilise Aloé véra depuis quelques temps ,je témoigne qu'il soulage les maux de tete par application du jus sur le front et le crane.pour les yeux fatigués un cataplasme de feulles d'aloe coupes en transversale soulage les yeux.

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author avatar H g bhalke
13th Nov 2011 (#)

my daughter inlaw fist best cancer last one year back ..ialso do best operation last 4month back. but now matestes in liver last time itake 6th cemo. now dr advice take 3three cemo/ tow is over in monday14th nov2011 pl gave me advice thanks

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author avatar P.surendranathareddy
13th Jul 2012 (#)

please advice treatment with aloevera for testicular cancer

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author avatar Sushmita jain
26th Jul 2012 (#)

my brother has rectum cancer at 4 stage.plz suggest this medicine will work or not?plz give me advice if other medicine will work for that.
thanks in advance

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author avatar Balaraman
3rd Sep 2012 (#)

Is Aloe vera 'Gel' (The centre part) is enough or the green (skin) and yellow (latex) is also to be taken for juice? please reply

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author avatar Subhashini
26th Nov 2012 (#)

my 4rend now came to know that he is suffering from cancer,doctor told he has got 50-50 chance,so pls suggest me wat to do and the aloe vera helps him? advise me as soon as possible.

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author avatar Abid
12th Feb 2013 (#)

plz tell me
Is there any chance to treat liver cancer through alo last stage.....?

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author avatar Jaymin patel
8th May 2013 (#)

My mother has lungs cancer is found in 4 stage pls give sageson for any medicine for him pls help me

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