Alternative Arthritis Remedies

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Alternative arthritis remedies usually focuses on the natural side of things more than the medical type. According to a report, there are more people, about 40%, who are into using alternative remedies.

Alternative Arthritis Remedies

Alternative arthritis remedies usually focuses on the natural side of things more than the medical type. According to a report, there are more people, about 40%, who are into using alternative remedies.

Some of the most common arthritis alternative treatments are focused on acupressure, magnet therapy, acupuncture and diet therapy and therapeutic massage.

Acupressure For Arthritis

Achy and stiff joints can be relieved through regular acupressure treatments. This is because acupressure tends to improve the circulation of blood in the human body especially for arthritic conditions. In order to soothe the discomfort brought about by arthritis which is present on the different joints and to lessen the irritability caused by the pain, the one doing the acupressure can use pressure points. These points are found below the skull base and 2-inches in the middle neck.

Magnet Therapy For Arthritis

This is an alternative method of dealing with arthritis that has been used since middle ages. As the name implies, magnets are used at a specific body part which is believed to be the body’s electromagnetic field alignment.


Points in acupuncture will be used depending on the kind of arthritis and the areas where the symptoms are present. Acupuncture is usually performed by qualified and experienced therapists and not just by anybody to ensure proper application. This is not a treatment that can just be done on oneself. Example, if the arthritic episode is present on the joints of the shoulders, points are integrated to be used. For the case of ankle, jaw and spine arthritis, localized points near the areas which are affected are used.

Diet Therapy For Arthritis

Usually, a diet therapy for arthritis consists of a meal involving a low-carbohydrate diet, high in vitamins and minerals and supplements are included. The secret is through moderation of everything you eat. Even strict vegetarians are still prone in getting the disease therefore; diet is just considered a marginal factor. But with a proper and healthier diet, people can lessen the effects of the symptoms of arthritis like pain and inflammation. One should avoid food which are said to be irritant to arthritis. Food supplements can somewhat relieve a person’s stiffness and pain points.

Therapeutic Massage For Arthritis

Massage therapy indicated for the management of pain present in arthritis can be made through:

Flesh press – this involves massaging the soft tissues which is then manipulated by hand pressure, rubbing, stroking, etc. Generally, trained practitioners use this technique to improve the wholeness of their clients.

Hands-on – may include Swedish massage, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, reflexology and shiatsu.

Kneading – this is a kind of massage therapy which may last for about an hour or two. The process will involve undressing so as to emphasize the points for pressure. If you have any kind of skin allergy or disease, it is best that you state this to your therapist before starting the session. For improved outcomes, one should undergo about six sessions.

Self-help techniques – aside from receiving massage techniques from experts, you can have the opportunity to try on to yourself.

Ask your therapist about it. He can show you some techniques that you can do at home. This may not be as comfortable and self-fulfilling compared to a therapist’s method but this alternative arthritis remedy could be of great help when you are attacked by sudden and severe pain due to arthritis.

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5th Dec 2010 (#)

Sounds like good alternative chooses for people with arthritis symptoms, especially if they have funds that will allow them to use the suggestions. Unfortunately, as alternative medicine uses know, there is very infrequent that you can find financial assistance of any type, which includes insurance to pay for it.

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