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A look at the alternative pain management options that are available today and are favored over traditional treatments.

The Choice of Pain Management

It could boil down to the fact that normal, over the counter drugs are to expensive or you don't fancy pumping drugs into your system........alternative pain management is a viable and effective choice for some.

In fact a growing number of people seem to be turning towards alternative pain management as a way to handle their injuries. The following methods are common techniques that seem to be the most popular choices these days....


I had to start off with Acupuncture as I had a lot of first hand experience with it as a youngster. I suffered from a slight skin condition that was made worse by the doctors prescribing steroid creams for the skin.

Because of this I turned to alternative pain management through acupuncture and the problem cleared up ( completely ) within a month! It was quite an amazing experience and one I will never forget!


This particular alternative pain management uses scents from essential plant oils. You can either rub the oils onto your skin or you can gently inhale the smell of the oils. This is actually a very old technique for alternative pain management that goes back thousands of years. It is very popular among Chinese culture.


You do see a lot of professional medical workers using this form of alternative pain management these days but it has not always been this way. Not to long ago this pain relief method was considered very 'alternative' in nature. The main focus of this particular technique is the spine and most chiropractic visits involve adjustments that are designed to realign the body to promote self-healing.


Again, this is another form of alternative pain management I am very familiar with. I used it a few years back to aid my attempts to give up smoking. Although it did not work instantly I am now 'smoke free' and I like to think it played a part.

This alternative pain management is based around relaxing the patient and creating an 'altered state' for the patient to repair themselves in. Don't judge it by those nasty commercial programs on TV - Hypnotherapy is a very potent and effective form of alternative pain management that is very well respected.

Research shows us that hypnotherapy can help reduce the call for pain medication by decreasing the anxious feelings that are typically associated with pain.


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14th May 2014 (#)

Very informative content. Specially I learnt a new therapy for pain management - Aromatherapy.
Thanks to make me learn something new.
Rajesh Kumar Giri

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14th May 2014 (#)

No problems Rajesh - glad you learned something new from the article! Stop by again :)

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