Alternative to Root Canal?

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Root Canal Treatment can be avoided in many cases by an Ayurvedic Technique called Oil Pulling.

Alternative to Root Canal?

'Tooth pain disappeared, Roots were saved and added health benefits were a bonus'

In today's age and time, you can call yourself lucky if you have crossed the 40 (years) mark without major health issues. Our sedentary lifestyle, work pressure and dependence on junk food have messed up our health. Further, almost everyone seems to be suffering from Dental problems.
As per a WHO study in 2012:

- Worldwide, 60–90% of school children and nearly 100% of adults have dental cavities.

- Severe periodontal (gum) disease, which may result in tooth loss, is found in 15–20% of middle-aged (35-44 years) adults.

- Globally, about 30% of people aged 65–74 have no natural teeth.

- Risk factors for oral diseases include an unhealthy diet, tobacco use, harmful alcohol use and poor oral hygiene, and social determinants.

A teeth cavity along with pain generally means the involvement of the root-nerve. Root Canal is the treatment suggested by most Dentists. This treatment involves drilling out the infected areas of the cavity, removing the nerve on the tooth’s roots, followed by filling the tooth. Without these nerves the particular tooth soon becomes weak and the walls start cracking. The solution then is to cap it with a ceramic crown. To be fair to Dentists, the treatment works well and the crown stays in place for years. However, it is not a problem free treatment. The crown cannot be in perfect sync with the gums. This means there is scope for food particles to get stuck, which in turn helps creation of more cavities. People with root canal and crown treatment would tell you that the adjoining teeth become the first victims. The only way out in such a case is to maintain the highest standards of dental hygiene. Besides brushing twice, one will have to use dental floss, mouth wash etc to maintain such standards.

Oil Pulling helped me

I had fallen into the cycle of repeated Dentist visits possibly due to the crowns in my mouth. That is when my dentist suggested that I try an alternative therapy called Oil Pulling. Though I had heard about the treatment, I wasn't very convinced about its effectiveness. But with a few crowns already in my mouth and one more in queue, I thought there was little harm in trying out this technique. Before I explain the technique to you, let me tell you how it helped me.

Troubles have a special liking for Mondays. Once again it was the beginning of the week and I woke up with a shooting pain in my second molar. It felt like Deja Vu! I knew how bad the problem was, (or let us say how deep) and knew that the answer was bound to be RCT the short form for Root Canal Treatment. The verdict was out in a few hours as I met the dentist. The affected tooth, was a definite candidate for RCT. It already had a very old Silver Amalgam filling. A new cavity had developed between the filling and the tooth. The dentist said, the filling had lasted 10 years over and above its 4 years expiry period. In short, the treatment given the first time around was very good. Dentists hate removing a good filling! So before going for the RCT he asked me to try the age old Ayurvedic technique called Oil pulling. Day one of the experiment gave no results, so pain killers had to be used. Day two, there was a feeling that the pain was going down marginally, continued with Pain Killers. By Day 4 the pain had reduced considerably and I was off Pain Killers. A week after the experiment, the pain was felt only when I chewed from the affected side. Soon the pain disappeared. After this experiment, I haven’t yet filled particular tooth’s cavity. It is not visible even when I open my mouth, hence, I am not tempted to get it filled. Non-filling of the cavity also means that I cannot stop Oil Pulling. Also, a few interesting fall outs of this experiment means that I may never stop oil pulling. No food gets lodged below any of the crowns, meaning the other teeth have lesser danger from the crowns. Mouth ulcers are a thing of the past and there seems to be a bit more glow in my skin. I am not able to give a direct connection between the glow and Oil Pulling as this requires more experiments. So in short Oil Pulling seems to have given more than what I asked for. I am convinced that to an extent Oil Pulling can work as an answer to Root Canal. Let me now go ahead and explain to you how Oil Pulling is done.

Take 10 ml of Sesame Oil and rinse your mouth with it for nearly 15 - 20 minutes, the first thing in the morning. After this, spit out the oil, which would have changed color and texture by now. Do not ingest this oil. It is believed that oil pulling takes out all toxins, not just from the mouth but the entire body. So the oil is full of toxins, and has to be spitted out.

So this simple technique worked for me. It is possible, that Oil Pulling may help many like me. Yet, I wish to add that there may be cases where this technique may not help a tooth requiring Root Canal Treatment. Remember that Oil Pulling will not give instant results. Be ready to bear with the pain for some time. That precisely is the reason, why I have a questions mark on the title. Yet, I will strongly support this technique.

Usual Disclaimer: This article is not supposed to substitute a doctor's prescription. Be sure that you do not have any medical condition that may be aggravated while trying out Oil Pulling. Finally, before trying learn more about the technique with lots of resources available on the net on the subject.


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author avatar jenny1015
3rd Aug 2013 (#)

Oil pulling can only be used as temporary remedy. Just imagine how inconvenient it is to be constantly gargling just to eliminate tne pain.

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author avatar A Ravi Shankar
3rd Aug 2013 (#)

I would have agreed with you, if I were not actually practicing Oil Pulling on a daily basis. It actually becomes a habit like brushing your teeth. Further, I am saving the original teeth. To me, that is more important today. Root Canal and crown initially look good, but later helps in gathering food underneath... becoming the centre for more problems.

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author avatar sukkran
4th Aug 2013 (#)

thanks for sharing this tips on oil pulling. gonna try this technique

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author avatar abhishek123
5th Aug 2013 (#)

Valuable info ! Lemme try this one

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author avatar A Ravi Shankar
5th Aug 2013 (#)

Thank you

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author avatar Nupur gupta
20th May 2016 (#)

Does it really help? I am in severe pain and dentist saying to have a root canal treatment but i am trying oil pulling. I cannot see much difference

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