Amazing Health Benefits Of Banana

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Bananas may just be the worlds first cultivated fruit. Bananas don’t grow on trees. The banana plant is a arborescent (tree-like) perennial herb. And the banana itself is actually a berry.

What Banana Does To Your Health

The correct term for a bunch of bananas is a hand. A single banana is a finger. Technically bananas and plantains refer to the same thing.

But in everyday parlance, we differentiate them. However they are the same. The importance of clarifying that bananas and plantains are the same is to emphasize that health benefits of both are basically similar. And if anything, the bananas which we eat raw are possibly better than plantains whose nutrients may be destroyed by heat through cooking.

Health Benefits Of Banana:
Bananas are very rich in potassium, pectin, magnesium and vitamins- vitamin C and vitamin B6. This is why they are medically beneficial. Due to the high levels of Vitamin B6 alone, bananas strengthen the nervous system, boost the immune system and actually aids weight loss.

Bananas are good for your heart: They help to prevent high blood pressure, stroke, and some cardiovascular diseases and complications.
Bananas are good for your mood.They help to prevent and combat low moods/depression.This is because they are very rich in tryptophan. The tryptophan in bananas is converted to serotonin,the mood-elevating neurotransmitter in the brain that prevents depression/low moods.

Bananas are good for your sleep issues: Vitamin B6 has been found to assist people to sleep well.Magnesium also relaxes your muscles.

Bananas are good for your digestion problems: Because they are rich in fibre, bananas prevent constipation, and helps u pass soft stools.

Bananas are good for your diabetes fears: It has been found that regular consumption of bananas help prevent onset of type2 diabetes.

Bananas are particularly good for your weight loss: They taste sweet, they are filling and they help to curb cravings for junk/candies.

Banana are good for workouts and exercises: It has been found that taking bananas before doing exercise prevents getting tired easily.

Bananas are good for your eyes: They have a significant amount of Vitamin A which is good for clear eyesight and improves night vision.

Bananas prevents some eye diseases: The VitaminA in bananas protect the eye membranes, prevent macular degeneration and night blindness.

Bananas are good for those who read at night or drive cars or fly planes: And practically anyone who needs their vision, sharp at night.

Bananas are good for your bones: They contain fructooligosaccharides which help the body to absorb calcium thereby strengthening bones.

Bananas help prevent cancer: If you are a woman, research has shown that regular consumption of bananas reduce risk of kidney cancer. However though, because bananas (just like many other fruits) is rich in antioxidants, regular consumption prevents many cancers.

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With all those benefits, why aren't more people rushing out to buy and consume bananas?

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