An energy complex that nobody needs

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This new product by Nestle company is just flavoured shakes with an excess of sugar and we should be cautious with our sugar intake.

An energy complex that nobody needs

A lady I know told me that the doctor had prescribed her to have a daily shake of Meritene complex for extra energy and I asked her why she was having such stuff when she's always cooked and eaten very well and still does despite her old age.
At 97, she is in great form. It's true that she doesn't eat big portions of food, but she has never had them, anyway.
She eats everything and has always cooked delicious and nutritious stews and soups of all sorts and still does.
At her age, she is healthy and still has a social life. Why then prescribe her to have a daily of this fashionable shake by Nestle company for extra energy?
At different ages, people eat the amounts of food they need depending on their daily activity and there are also people that eat more than others.
As I said when I wrote on the same product for children, unless we need extra vitamins and minerals for some health reason, nobody needs to have these laboratory made products, because food already have plenty of them and it's by having a varied diet that we'll be healthy and in full beans.
Green vegetables and fresh fruit contain the vitamins we need. They even contain sugar.
All sort of legumes such as chickpeas, beans and lentils contain minerals and iron that we need.
Fish will provide us the necessary Omega 3. We're to eat it at least once a week.
Dairy produce such as milk and cheese will grant us the vitamin C.
Even when some people claim to be vegetarians, meat is necessary for proteins.
Instead of buying industrialized soup, we can make our own with a variety of vegetables, fish or meat and soup is the easiest thing to make.
It is by cooking our own food daily with a variety of fresh produce that we'll be healthy and in good form to not need these laboratory made products that are made for profits by companies such as Nestle that is one of the most criminal ones on Earth.
This lady despite her age doesn't need such stuff for extra energy and neither none of us, I'd say.
They're in fact flavoured shakes with way too much sugar and we should be cautious on sugar intake.

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