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Out for a walk with my two Spaniels the peace is shattered and its time for the White Haired One to receive a lesson as usual on how to conduct himself courtesy of his canine friends Honey and Skipper.

The peace is shattered

Several days ago I was taking a rather pleasant walk with my two Spaniels Honey and Skipper on the beautiful common close to where we live. The weather was good and my mood even better. Me and the universe were as one, I was calm and happy and my Spaniels were enjoying the walk God was in his Heaven all was right with the World.

In the distance I saw Honey stop and crouch which she often does being young and inquisitive but little did I know the peace was about to be shattered. In the blink of an eye another dog appeared,It was a fully grown Labrador called Ben.

Me, Ben and Ben’s owners had trouble several years previous when my previous Dog called Lucky had been attacked by the same animal. My fears were confirmed when I saw that the same was about to happen.

Honey's ordeal

Bless her little heart I could see that Honey was putting up a valiant defence but she was clearly out gunned by this huge and aggressive canine. I could hear her yelping as I began to run to her aid and arrived just as she was tossed three or four feet into the air. I tried to stop the attack by grabbing Ben’s collar but to no avail he turned on me baring a huge set of teeth.
I did however give Honey a couple of seconds of respite before the Dog resumed his bloodthirsty assault.

In desperation I looked around for the owner who I could see some sixty to seventy yards away from where we where.Seemingly unconcerned he wandered nonchalantly along without a care in the world while my beautiful 10 month old Cocker Spaniel was being mauled. Realising I couldn't get the Labrador to stop I turned my attention to the owner instead.

White Hair turns dark

Now old white hair as you know is all for peace, love and harmony in the world and would recommend turning the other cheek at every opportunity but today to my shame I reverted back to a primeval state.

Many people who know me often comment on what a kind and gentle soul I am, but unfortunately I have a very dark side. The reality is that I was born into this world with an aggressive quick temper and liking for a good fight. As a young Man growing up on a what could be described as a ghetto being the oldest of 4 boys and a missing Father I had ample opportunity to hone my skills.
When I reached adulthood and started work I put on the pounds which because of the physical nature of the construction Industry turned to muscle. Add to this a physical height of 6 foot 2 inches I had the makings of a perfect storm of trouble.

It was at this point I made a conscious decision to steer away from the path of violence before I really did someone some damage which I would regret for the rest of my life. It wasn't that I would look for trouble it just used to find me.
Some years later I would develop an interest in the martial arts in an attempt to harness the filthy temper that lurked within me.

Defcon two

Today the temper in me began to build as the thought of my sweet little puppy getting hurt or even killed was too much for me to bear.
I was at Defcon two when the owner finally arrived and grabbed his Dog by the collar, every sinew of my body was charged with adrenalin and I was ready for battle. One wrong word I thought and its game over for you old son.
It was at this point when Ben’s owner began to apologise profusely about his behaviour and the reason for him not running to break up the carnage was because of his arthritic knee.

I checked on Honey as I picked her in my arms, she was crying in that sad way that only puppy dogs can but apart from that she seemed intact and unhurt. The owner of the offending Labrador kept apologising, also repeatedly offering to pay any vet bills as well as expressing deep concern for Honeys well-being. We parted on amicable terms but both shook up from this two minutes of high drama.
Ben’s owner for the distress his dog had caused but probably feeling relieved that the little girl wasn't hurt and I for the relief that she was OK but ashamed and embarrassed for allowing my feelings to get out of control, yet again.

The big fella is sad

We continued with our walk, but my mood had been shattered. Negative thoughts bombarded my mind in waves.
How could could I have been so weak ? What is the matter with me ? will I ever be able to control this filthy temper ? what if I had hurt that poor Man in my rage ?
Feeling gloomy and upset with myself we arrived at our destination, On top of a huge hill where an old piece of circular concrete sticks out of the ground about 18 inches. This is one of my favourite spots to think and ponder the mysteries of this precious life. I sat down to analyse every aspect of what had taken place ten minutes previous.

I'm not quite sure how long I had been sitting there contemplating my perceived failure as a Human being when I suddenly noticed Honey and Skipper my other Spaniel playing over by an old majestic Oak tree. They took turns chasing each other first one way then the other, round and around the huge trunk they ran having a whale of a time.

A happy ending

As I watched the innocent pleasure these two little Dogs were enjoying a smile came to my face.
The lesson had arrived, yet again.
While I was still thinking and berating myself over the what had happened, the whys the wherefores the Ifs and buts, Honey was completely engrossed in the game. In fact looking back she had forgotten the assault ten seconds after it had taken place.
This was another about lesson in living in the Now.
Why do we humans do this to ourselves time and time again. Before I started pondering that question I said STOP ! To myself. Just shut up thinking and go and join the Spaniels running round the special Tree, which is exactly what I did.

We returned home, the Dogs ravenous for their food and me with a full heart bursting with gratitude for yet another lesson learned from these Spaniel Sages.

Thank you Skipper and Honey I love you both my kind Teachers


When the Pupil is ready
The Pupil is still ready


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
23rd Aug 2011 (#)

What a wonderful story. Perfect in its honesty. This story taught me a lesson also. Great canine pictures. Thanks for a great share WHO.

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author avatar Retired
24th Aug 2011 (#)

hey WHO...What a fine tale (with tails!) nice pics, too. Thanks for sharing. ;-)

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author avatar Songbird B
24th Aug 2011 (#)

Sorry to have read about poor Honey's ordeal, but it is so true, we can learn so much from our pets. I hope that she is fine my friend..And the insight you have gained will always be with you...

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author avatar Tranquilpen
24th Aug 2011 (#)

What a remarkable read WHO thank you I can see a clear lesson in this article.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
25th Aug 2011 (#)

Pets offer some of life's greatest lessons. Dont forget to read the notes I sent with publication, often I include tips on improvement.

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author avatar Sheila Newton
26th Aug 2011 (#)

What a funny but heartfelt piece this is. Love the pix - love your style of writing. Congrats on the star page. Come visit me?

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