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Wild animals and domestic pets that are not immunized carry risky rabies.

Non-immunized domestic pets and wild animals carry risky rabies

Did you know that domestic pets are often cause of animal bites.Dogs are most promising to injury than cats are.Cat bites,still,are author possible to cause infection.Bites from non-immunized domestic pets and wild animals deliver the peril of rabies.Rabies is more lowborn in Raccoons,skunks,bats and foxes than cats and dogs.Rabbits,squirrels and otherwise rodents rarely influence hydrophobia.
Once bitten,or if any of your relatives,do the following:

1.Wash the wound with soap and water thoroughly,and even there is no risk of rabies,apply an anti-biotic cream to prevent infection and cover it with clean bandage.

2.When the bite fang pierce the skin, and it is badly torn and bleeding, bind or press the bleeding wound. Consult a doctor immediately, to seek relief against the possible rabies, infection, and others.

3.When your wound hath caused by animal bites,and you feel pain,discharge of pus,and redness of the skin.see your doctor immediately.It is possible that your wound is infected with rabies.

4.Once bitten with domestic pet dog or cat that might carry rabies,including domestic or wild animal of unknown immunization status.You can inject drugs or take a drug medications that can cure the said issue.

It is recommended to have a good immunization against tetanus every tenth year.If more than five years that the vaccine has lapsed,and you think that the wounds is deep and dirty,The doctor may refer you to inject booster.You must have the booster within 48 hours after the injury.



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author avatar dak
17th Sep 2010 (#)

Informative and educative. Thanks.

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author avatar Nhards
21st Sep 2010 (#)

Dak!thanks for the comment!

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author avatar Denise O
30th Sep 2010 (#)

Good advice.
The only animal I have ever been bitten by was a cat.
I am so thankful the owner had the shots up to date but, darn it hurt!
Thank you for sharing.

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