Anorexia Can Kill

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If you know your child is not eating properly, you must get help for them before it's too late.

Anorexia Can Kill

It is not unusual for any one of us to be off our food at times, and for so many different reason. Worry, stress, and illness, are the most common reasons, and usually when things get better, so does our appetite. Children also can go off their food, they say they don’t like something new, and then don’t want to eat it, or even say they are not hungry when they have eaten too many sweets before a meal.

This is all quite normal, but what is not normal when it comes to teenagers, is seeing them refuse food, and then start to lose weight. Unfortunately, some of the most famous female celebrities like Victoria Beckham have so little flesh on them, young girls who aspire to be like her think that is normal, and then try to copy it.

Many years ago, when my son was only 9 years old, he stopped eating completely, and drinking too. Philip was profoundly handicapped, and could not speak, and over a period of time, we watched him lose more and more weight, and he wasn’t very big to start with, and then his hair also fell out.

We tried everything, ignoring him at the table, coaxing him, and then finally in desperation, tough love. With 3 other bewildered children our dinner table became a battle ground every night, and I became convinced that I was watching my son slowly dying.

Our doctor didn’t know what was wrong, but said if it continued for another week, he would be hospitalised, and fed by a drip. When I was undressing him for bed, I noticed that all his groin area was red and swollen, he had a urine infection, we found out later, and then it hit me, because he couldn’t speak and tell us, Philip was probably in pain every time he went to the toilet, and thought in his mind, that if he stopped eating and drinking, the pain would go.

Thank goodness there is a happy ending to this story. Once his infection was dealt with, our son started eating again, and his hair also grew back, and he is alive and well today. But sadly that is not true for everyone. Karen Carpenter the singer suffered from anorexia, and this caused her to have a heart attack and die at a very young age.

If you child has an ongoing problem with eating, please get help for them , because believe me it is the saddest thing to watch their health decline until they are too weak to walk or even brush their hair. Sometimes teenagers need a little guidance, and don’t realise how important it is to eat regular meals. But you could be saving their life, even if they don’t see it that way at the time.


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