Anxiety Disorders The Veil Removed

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This article examines the types of Anxiety Disorders and Symptoms and treatments

Types of Anxiety Disorders

There was a time that mental illness carried a social stigma. However, times have changed and mental illness needs treatment just like a physical illness. One common disorder that has in recent years came out of the closet is anxiety disorders. This disorders cause individuals to experience, excessive irrational fears, worries or feelings of dread where there is no true risk to them. In the United States annually over 40 million Americans suffer from one type or another of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety disorders can cause varies symptoms such as; sweating, racing or irregular heart beats, muscle tension, difficulty swallowing, twitches, dry mouth, feeling of choking, and chest pain.

There are a few types of Anxiety Disorders, they include the following:

Social Anxiety occurs in everyday situations such as running to the bank, grocery, dining out or in a public gathering. Individuals may have feelings of being judged, ridiculed for behavior or not acting properly and this causes them stress.

Another anxiety illness is obsessive-compulsive disorder individuals believe certain activities must be done repeatedly or in a particular order to avoid bad events from happening. Some common behaviors of OCD personalities are excessive hand washing, combing hair, wiping face with napkins, checking locks on doors or making sure a stove is turned off.

Post-Traumatic is another anxiety disorder in that it is usually brought on by a very painful, tragic event in the past. Individuals may have experienced war, raped, child molested, or been a victim of a natural disaster such as a flood, fire, or accident. People suffering a Post-Traumatic may have flashbacks or nightmares of the original event. They may become increased irritability, episodes of anger, or emotional numb at times.

Finally, phobias are excessive fears of particular situations such as; heights, tunnels, swimming, flying in an airplane, or being around dogs.

Treatment of these anxiety disorders made includes a variety of methods. Medication made be prescribed usually anti-anxiety drugs, and anti depressants. Psychotherapy is administrated by psychiatrist and psychologists to help the patient understand the disorder and develop strategies for working through it effectively correcting flawed thinking. Cognitive Behavior Therapy teaches the patient to correct defective thought patterns and create healthy ones. In addition, diet and exercise as well as relaxation methods are commonly used. Once treatment is completed patients will have developed skills for maintaining healthy lifestyle and can lead normal lives again.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st Apr 2015 (#)

Secret behind no anxiety, try living a moralistic life with praise to the One Above wherein you are not stressed to sleep and face your Creator and depressed for things that have gone wrong in the past for stupidity of your own doing.
Now I have been there and now finally saying this I have nothing to cover up or worry about and now am free to walk ahead in life know that I tried and failed and learnt and unlearnt and relearned life to make me who I am today despite the stress and tension around me including crooks trying identity theft via hacking and the like.

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author avatar Kingwell
21st Apr 2015 (#)

Good share. I'm not big on drugs and I find that far too often that's about all that is done for the patient. I agree that at long last mental illness is being seen as a disease that needs to be treated. Even today however, not enough is being done. Thank you for sharing this. Blessings.

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