Anxiety can be necessary and normal

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Fear and anxiety are not the same. However, sometimes they are necessary for us to protect ourselves. Other times they can be irrational.

Stress and anxiety is not the same

In previous articles we have established that stress and anxiety are not the same. We have established that stress in a normal part of living and that anxiety can lead to depression and other medical conditions.

Some anxiety and fear is necessary

Having said that, Montrealers should not think that all anxiety is bad, some stress and anxiety is necessary. It helps us to be alert to serious situations and to cope in situations we never thought we could handle. Imagine a Montreal mother who never cared what hour her teenager came home or what he or she was doing. This could become a potentially dangerous situation.

Anxiety makes you nervous or fearful. Montreal children should be fearful of crossing busy intersections on their own, if an adult, parent, or a traffic guard are not present. Montreal drivers are noted as being some of the worst drivers in all of North America.

Different types of mental disorders are classified as anxiety disorders. Panic attacks are intense bouts of fear. During the attacks the Montrealer may believe he or she might die. These panic attacks cause rapid heart rate, intense sweating, and a host of other symptoms.

Fear of elevators

Obsessive compulsive disorder can cause anxiety and constant repetition of rituals such as washing hands.

Imagine how hard it is for a Montrealer with an intense fear of elevators to be able to function in the city. Most offices in Montreal are located skyscrapers. Montreal is a city full of skyscrapers and is referred to as a concrete jungle.

Taking the plunge and getting on those elevators will cause fear and anxiety at first, but once the phobia is cured Montrealers can enjoy a normal life.

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