Anyone who smokes is an idiot...

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If you smoke, you are committing suicide one butt at a time...

I was and idiot for 14 years

Take it from me: I was an idiot for 14 years. Only the love of a great woman saved me from early death or worse. It could have been the loss of a lung, fingers, vocal chords, or any of the other misery that is caused by the voluntary act of smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes are one of the few products that when used as directed kill the users.

My excuse is that when I started smoking at the age of 12, it was 1964. There were no Surgeon General Warnings, no activists spoke out against smoking, there were no banned places to smoke (you could even smoke in hospitals) and on television everyone smoked. My hero was James Bond, in the book format, and he smoked 60 Morland Specials every day yet he still kicked ass and got the best looking women. Heck, I wanted to be like him and everyone else. By the time I met my wife soon to be wife, I was smoking 60 Camel Filters every day.

My mornings would start with me getting up, going into the bathroom, and spitting out the chunks of tar that had accumulated from the day before. Then I would wash out my mouth with Listerine followed by water and then light up my first smoke of the day. I was only 26 yet I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without losing my breath. My fiancee, who never smoked, said she would only marry me if I quit smoking and I promised her that I would. Imagine how bad I felt when our wedding day came and I was still lighting up.

There was no nicotine gum or patches in those days either. To quit you had to go Cold Turkey and for someone who smoked as much as I did, that was a hard road to go; I know because I tried many, many times to stop.

I finally visited a local chapter of the American Cancer Society, the one group talking about the relationship between smoking and all the illnesses and early deaths of smokers. It was there I came to see the light. I discovered that I didn’t really care about life and that I just wanted to kill myself, but I was too cowardly to pick up a gun and get it over with. When the counselor found out that I was a newlywed, he told me that now I had a reason to live and I did. With his support, I quit after many torturous weeks as the drugs delivered into my system by cigarettes finely cleared out. Still, it would be many years before I could finally say that I no longer wanted to smoke.

Today I am all over it and in excellent health for an old fart. I can ride my bike 25 miles at a time and I go to the gym daily.

So, if you smoke, go look in the mirror, talk to the person you see standing their and explain to him or her why you are voluntarily poisoning your body. Tell them why you are inviting a slow, painful death on them.

Then sit back and really listen to answers. Don’t listen to your peers who pressure you to smoke. They don’t matter. Only the person in mirror does, because that person is you.


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4th May 2013 (#)

I started smoking in my 20's if you can believe it. I only managed to quit a few years ago. I wish I had done so sooner.
It costs month and health.

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