Are Hot Tubs Worth Buying?

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Discover the health benefits and reasons to buy a hot tub for your home.


It has been almost a month since Hot Tub Britain was on our screens and my friends are still debating the purchase of what looks like the best bath tub on the planet. I decided to do some research to see if hot tubs really were worth all that cash and my findings were quite surprising.

Health Benefits

It is no secret that a hot bath is great for relaxing before bed, although most people find it ten times more relaxing to sit in a hot tub than it is to sit in a hot bath tub.

The most surprising thing I learnt about hot tubs is that they can be used to do more exercise and help to boost weight loss. Sitting in a hot tub is similar to sitting in a sauna and if you throw in some simple exercises, you can help to tone your body and lose a few extra pounds. Unfortunately sitting in a hot tub with a giant glass of wine will not lead to you losing that tummy fat, you’ll need a balanced diet too I’m afraid.

Hot tubs are also known for relieving muscle pain, arthritis relief, headaches and chronic pain relief. If that was not enough, research has shown hot tubs can help cure insomnia and even improve your blood flow.

Improved Social Life

A hot tub is a tool you can use to improve your social life. Host a hot tub party and people will be fighting for a place in your tub. One of my friends already owns a luxurious hot tub in Sussex and she was kind enough to invite all the girls around for a hot tub party while our partners watched football at the pub. It was a great way to get us all together without us paying for an expensive night out. It cost us a bottle of wine each and we spent a few hours chatting.

We are all waiting by the phone for our next girly hot tub party. When is the football on again?

Great Night In

If you fancy staying in on the weekend and having a relaxing day to yourself, a hot tub might be just what you need. We often pay for spa breaks just to use their facilities but imagine having your own mini spa? I would never leave!

Shall I Get One?

If you’re thinking about getting a hot tub, you are already half way to getting one. A hot tub is a big investment and can cost thousands of pounds. Make sure you can afford it before you commit to such a big purchase and find out how much it is to run on a yearly basis.
I think it's time for me to start saving so I can get a hot tub as soon as possible!

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