Are The Plastic Water Bottles We Carry are Safe?

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How to Avoid Bisphenol A and Phthalates which are potentially harmful chemicals found in many common household products.

Plastic bottlest leachs Bisphenol A (a material with which it is made off ) in to the water..

We live in a plastic convenience culture. Carrying plastics water bottle has lot of advantages like less weight and not easily breakable and less expensive than other materials. But the biggest disadvantage it has is that it leachs Bisphenol A (a material with which it is made off ) in to the water. Recent studies have indicated that BPA is a xenoestrogen that causes breast cancer , uterine cancer in women and early menses in young girls. Xenoestrogen has even been linked to insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes and decreased testosterone levels in men.It has a devastating effects on infants and young children like impaired learning.Down’s syndrome, a variety of birth defects, obesity, increased aggression in children and many other side effects have been directly correlated to BPA.

A billion-dollar class action suit are being filed against the manufactures. In 2006 Europe banned all products made for children under age 3 containing BPA. On slaught of plastics in to our daily life is astonishing.We buy daily food and milk in plastic packets,plastic diaper and plastic toys for our kids that to using our plastic credit cards.The irony is that even the contraceptives like condoms are made of latex which is supposed to control unwanted pregnancy and AIDS are difficult to dispose off. Our societies produce an estimated 60 billion tons of plastic scrap every year which is not biodegradable.This is more deadly than oil spills which gets cleared over a period of time but not this plastic spills.

To lower your exposure to BPA. Use glass bottles for infant. Purchase milk in glass jugs.Use frozen, fresh, or dried fruits and vegetables instead of canned as tined can have BPA lining inside.Switch to glass, ceramic, wood, or stainless steel food storage containers and kitchen utensils. PVC pipes in your house may leach BPA. So treat your water with a reverse-osmosis and carbon filtration system that will remove traces of BPA. Acidic foods and hot food should never be stored in plastic containers as acid will increase the rate of BPA leaching.Never reuse the beverage pet bottles. They are meant for single time use.

Knowledge is power. Be aware of this symbols you find in plastic bottles or in containers. Avoid Plastics with the recycling symbols 3, 6 and 7 as they may have hazardous ingredients.


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author avatar Jerry Walch
19th Sep 2010 (#)

Good to know.

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22nd Sep 2010 (#)

I always believed this and had read something like this before...
Thank you for spreading the awareness....

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22nd Sep 2010 (#)

Interesting information, thanks

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author avatar sir rob
27th Sep 2010 (#)

Thank for sharing this. At least I know something else each day.

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author avatar simplyoj
28th Sep 2010 (#)

This is an important article that we have to be aware of.

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14th Nov 2010 (#)

I always wondered about this. Good info.

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