Are men getting angry faster now?

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Latest statistics reveal that a modern day man is more prone to anger.

Men get angry very fast these days!

Do you remember Zidane’s disagreement with Materazzi where Zidane in a fit of anger hit Materazzi on his stomach with his well trained head.
Lecturer in biological anthropology at Durham University Dr Sean O’Hara says “Aggression according to me has a lot to do with sex. Ancestral females chose males who proved themselves against other males, so evolution favored aggression. Competitiveness and aggression are still considered useful traits for attracting females as men still have to compete to be chosen” she added smilingly. To put it straight- though times have changed, the rules of the game haven’t..
Men are getting angrier by the day. We are pissed at almost everything. The heat, longer working hours,spiraling debt, favorite team losing, corruption in the Government or the colleague getting a promotion. Look at the racial killings. A man in Seoul killed another man because he scrapped his new car. A man in west Bengal killed his nephew because the little boy took the goats out and without his permission. More real time stories which tell us that men are blowing the fuse much faster now as they ever did in the past. Anger is a natural reaction to a feeling of being attacked. Anyone who doesn't see how men are under attack every day, are just not looking. The cultural role and contributions of men have been "demolished" into rubble during the course of the past 30 years. Men have been tarred with the broad brush of "the enemy" and women have refused to let men be their allies. Everything men do has or is under attack, and people still wonder why men are so angry. No one ever acknowledges that the culture decimates any man who quits doing that which the culture also ridicules them for doing.
Statistics speak for themselves. Figures show that 94 per cent of violent offenders are male; 89 per cent of murders are perpetrated by men; 95 per cent of horn tooting is done by men and we are four times more likely to commit road crimes than women.
Aggression isn’t just mentally damaging. It’s bad for our bodies too. U.S. researchers have tracked men for over 30 years and have much evidence to prove that men with high or very high levels of aggressive tendency were four times more likely to have died earlier in life than the calmer ones.
One cannot deny of the modern age mantra which says that aggression is useful. It drives us to compete and achieve. Researchers find that counter -productive. Dr Tarun Praharaj, cardiologist at the Birla Heart and Research Institute says “ Motivational masters may suggest aggression to achieve your goals, they forget that the same aggression has to be contained -sooner or else the effects can become damaging. In a workplace anger disrupts productivity through low morale, interpersonal conflicts and reduces an individual’s ability to solve a problem or retain information.
Now why this short fuse? When researchers at the university of California looked at long term effects of anger, they found blood pressure not only increased during rage, but spiked again when recalling the row. Chronic anger leads to poor health habits. Angry people tend to eat more fat and drink more alcohol. They’re more likely to be smokers and have high cholesterol levels because they’re prone to destructive behavior.
So how do you control it? “Research shows active boys are the least likely to be involved in aggressive acts and young men with criminal acts show that least involvement with sport” says Dr Sarah Brewer of The ultimate stress buster. “When people get aggressive, they develop tunnel vision, but expanding your vision makes it difficult to access a negative state”.
The key to is to identify your triggers, Learn to act on the root cause, and balance your life. In some cases professional help is useful. Accept your attempts to overcome this malady as a challenge. But don’t ever try to head butt the next guy who stares at your girl.


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21st May 2011 (#)

Good info and tips. Please edit and add tags, so others will be able to find your article. Thank you for sharing.:)

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21st May 2011 (#)

Denise, can you be a bit more elaborate!

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