Are the Effects of Male Enhancement Pills Permanent?

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It is worth noting that male enhancement pills will not cause the exact same effects as the enlargement techniques described above.

What Experts Say?

The sale of male enhancement pills, both online and off, has increased in popularity in the past few years. Although there is a great deal of debate over the claims of the effectiveness’ of these supplements, men are still rushing to purchase them in droves to increase the size of their penis’ and to improve their sex drives. The big question surrounding male enhancement pills is whether the effects are short lived or are long-term and permanent?

What the FDA Has to Say

According to the FDA, companies that manufacture natural male enhancement supplements cannot legally claim that their products prevent, treat, or cure sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. The majority of the herbs found in these pills have historically been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. However, at present they have not undergone years of rigorous medical and scientific studies to prove conclusively that they do indeed work.

Permanent and Long-Term Effects

According to researchers and those who work in the field of sexology, a number of the effects of male enhancement pills can lead to long-term and permanent results. The clinical trials done on the enhancement supplements have shown promising results. They have shown that if used on a regular basis and in adequate dosages, they can be successful in treating a number of sexual problems in men. For example, they can help to treat:

- erectile dysfunction(impotency)
- decrease of libido
- premature ejaculation
- anxiety or depression (related to sex)
- reduced sexual performance

Uncovering the Root Cause of the Issue

What is important to realize is that the claims surrounding these supplements are generalizations and the results would vary from person to person. Every man’s health situation is different and there is no magic pill that will cure problems that are occurring in the bedroom.

Let us look at an example to illustrate the point that the results of taking male enhancement pills may not be permanent for every individual. If a man is suffering from impotency, it may be caused by a chronic medical condition such as type II diabetes. In this case the sexual problem cannot be cured on a permanent basis until the underlying disease that is causing it is diagnosed and treated. In the case of diabetes, blood sugar levels would need to be controlled and properly maintained before the erectile dysfunction could be addressed.

In the same way, males who suffer from high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease often experience erection and ejaculation issues. It is vital that the primary cause is treated first. Only then can the sexual condition be addressed. Permanent and long lasting results will not be achieved if the root cause of the condition is not diagnosed and appropriately treated by a medical professional.

Enhancement versus Enlargement

Products of this nature are generally marketed as being “enhancement” products as opposed to “enlargement” products. Knowing the difference will help you to figure out if this type of supplement would be worthwhile for you to try or not.


When you hear the term “penis enhancement” it is making reference to the temporary erection a man experiences that increases both the length and the girth of the male organ. This can happen quickly and it may end just as quickly. It can occur due to sexual excitement and stimulation or by taking enhancement supplements to bring about the desired result of a rigid penis.

The enhancement pills, whether they be of the medical or herbal variety (examples being Rexavar review, Levitra or Viagra) will not make a non-erect penis larger but will only help enhancement when an erection is occurring. If you decide to give them a try, it is important to be aware of this.

Enhancement comes about when nitric oxide (or nitrogen oxide) is released into the bloodstream. The release of this molecule in the body causes the blood vessels in the penis to expand. This is known as vasodilation.


The term “penis enlargement” refers to the long-term and permanent increase in the size of the penis, with regards to both length and girth. This is not something that can be achieved overnight. Instead it takes time. Results can only be seen when it is achieved on a slow, gradual and progressive basis. It is possible to have surgery to enlarge the penis. It can also be achieved through special penis exercises or by using penis extenders or stretchers. Enlargement procedures will increase the size of the penis both in it erect and flaccid states.

The stretch reflex or traction methods used in enlargement techniques brings about cell division and from there, the cells and tissues found in the penis multiply. This is what causes an increase to take place.

It is worth noting that male enhancement pills will not cause the exact same effects as the enlargement techniques described above. When combined with exercises and extenders, the effect can be amplified. Only after trying them will you know for sure if enhancement supplements can improve the size of your manhood to where you want it to be.


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Frankly I wonder why anyone needs to take these pills. Best avoided. Informative post

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