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anger is often mislead us to do such stupid things. In this article, you might have some idea to manage your temper and make the situation right.


Jun is a family guy that I knew when I stayed a couple of years ago in our province. He's a good guy with a bad temper. He always throw things and shout loud when he's angry, he even stare like a tiger when he doesn't like what is happening. Oftentimes, after his tantrum, the situation that caused the anger is left unchanged.


Anger is an emotion often triggered by events which you have no control. Anger usually stems from frustrations because things are not the way you would like them to be. Sometimes people express anger in ways that hurt themselves and to others. As mentioned from the story of Jun, situation that caused his anger is still left unchanged, that only shows that anger expressed without control shows emotional immaturity.

How can you handle your temper?

Before expressing your anger, try to breath deeply and count up to ten. Give yourself time to stop and think about the situation and why you feel angry. Analyzing the situation helps you to decide if the event is important enough to rate your anger. If a person steps ahead of you in a line or accidentally pushed you from the back, is it worth your energy to become angry? Such event are often best overlooked or looked at in a different way. Instead of becoming angry, you might think about why people would act so rudely. It may be that they are unhappy or having a bad day. Considering other's situation shows how a person's level of thinking.

Remembering your embarrassing moment?

Have you ever felt angry all over again, just thinking of the events that embarrass you? The best way to overcome this situation is to talk about it with a friend, relatives or someone you knew that can listen to you and shows no intention of judging you or other person that is involved. In this way, you can lessen the ache that you feel inside. if you're angry because of someone who upset you, try to confront him/her to improve the situation and clearly understand what caused the problem.

Before talking, give yourself enough time to get your feelings under control. Remember to direct the discussion to the problem and not at the person involved. If you don't have the courage to deal directly to the person, you can use other healthy outlets for your anger. Reduce your anger by using up its energy through work or play. Physical exercise often helps to ease anger and allow relaxation.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Oct 2012 (#)

Unfortunately we take our anger out at those vulnerable - not at those who provoked the issues. We should analyze the real reasons than succumb to blind rage that does us more harm - siva

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