Are you Depressed?

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Depression is the worst problem an individual can face. ithas a severe impact upon one's health and body. It is in no one's interest to be depressed. Be happy , smile and forget the reason for your trouble........

Depression and its causes

What makes you depressed actually? when i ask something like that, everybody will have a different view, a different problem and a different cause for it. Some are bullied and end up getting depressed for life,others are always being criticized and some others tend to remain depressed all the time (for no cause).

Depression has a severe impact upon your health and your body. You are likely to lose appreciation among your friends and family. you are more likely to remain lonely and more stranely you will like being alone. Although i respect that everybody wants privacy for sometime or the other but trying to stay away from people is impossible. Life then becomes hard to live and more importantly you lose your own soul.

You forget when was the last time you were happy , you believe everybody is after you and that the best option - IS TO DIE........

Coping with problems

Neither can you change your friends nor your bullies but you can at least change yourself. Your perception about life is what makes you depressed. Instead of being sad over issues, just give a light smile and walk off. If the people continue to bully you, you are more likely to revolt up inside, which is likely to make you depressed.

Some people don't criticize you to improve your skills but just because they want to see you down.If ever you have a chance , read the poem "Frog and the Nightingale". It is a very inspirational poem that will make you understand that in the real world, not everybody is your friend, not everybody is your well wisher. In reality, your friends turn foes when they see you succeed. your well wishers turn against when they see you prosper.

Since you cant hate everybody and cant live without them (really!its true)....
Hence you must learn to cope with them, to tell them that you are unchanged and you are a rock, And no one can shake you!

Tips and tales

If i say truth, then I have faced bullies, i have faced foernds( Foe turned friends) and not so well well wishers. Initially i was pained to know the reality, i couldnt just faced it and then i had to.....there was no other option.I dont know about others but i can suggest what i did.......

meditation is one of the best ways to tackle depression.If you are not a habitual mediator ,opt for short meditations. count your breath and don't look at the images in your mind or the sound you listen. Try using a soft music, like a headphone and tune in to calm sounds such as that of waves or waterfall. soothing music will relax your mind and closing your eye will shut off the world for you.

UNUSED MIND IS DEVILS WORKSHOP___________________________
True for everybody. When a person is not doing any sort of work, his mind tends to become engaged in the petty jokes his friends played on him or the neighbor's son did to him. Ward off any such thoughts by participating in drawing, music composing ,writing, dancing, singing, acting or any of the hobbies you are used to doing.

PILLOW FIGHTS_____________________
This might seem weird to many but when i used to go to sleep, i would throw the pillow up in the air and take out all my anger out thinking the pillow was my worst bully or enemy.
Sometimes these fights would make me insane and at others make me laugh. Being Happy is the best way to reduce depression, if you don't like the way you are, you hate the way the world is.
Be happy and smiling as it has a positive effect on you and your mind. if your mind is anxious , then you wont be able to succeed and will ever remain a timid and shy person.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Jun 2014 (#)

yes depression is definitely good for the body...but it can be used to look at what is going on and then work at changing for a powerful depression can become a powerful positive energy flow if used the right way...

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author avatar pratik
29th Jun 2014 (#)

Anything when seen in the right perspective gives optimistic thoughts but when we think the opposite way ,we turn to be depressed

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