Are you or someone you know dehydrated or almost dehydrated in this weather?

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Do you like sitting in the sun? Are you happiest in a heat wave? WE have to remember the sun if we spend too much time in it, and not drink enough water. WE will become dehydrated. Dehydration could be mild, and you just need treatment at home. But if it is hot and you are sitting in the sun, you could end up in the hospital or possibly face an early death from dehydration whuile we se

Dehdration explanation

If a person gets dehydrated, it is because they are getting rid of more water than they are drinking. If the dehydration is bad enough, the person can die.

Dehydration causes
A person might get dehydration if they are an elderly person who fell down the steps in their house. They don't have a family, and it is weeks between the times they get visitors. If they broke a hip or other bone and can't get up to get a drink or eat it can cause the person to have dehydration. That person if left months on the floor can die of starvation or dehydration.

Or if a person lives in a poor country that doesn't have running water. There might be a river or pond while some people might drink it as dirty water is better than dying of dehydration they think. But some people might not drink the water of the river or pond because they also wash in this water making it too dirty and causes the people different kind of diseases from the water.

A person who is on a respirator in the hospital or are in a coma can get dehydration. Another cause of dehydration will be if a person starts to vomit and vomits a lot for few days. The person might not be able to keep liquids down by vomiting them up. But the thing that dehydrates them is if they don't go to a doctor,

If a person exercises too much in hot weather. The example is a yoga class that they put the temperatures are put up to 100 degrees, Then they do a whole yoga routine in it. Some can do it, and some get dizzy and have to leave and probably never go back. The teachers of these yoga classes recommend their students bring a towel to wipe off themselves off numerous times what they sweat. And they are also told to bring a bottle of water. This yoga can cause dehydration if not done properly.

Skin problrm and dehydration

OR a person can get dehydration by a major injury to the skin. That would be a sore in the mouth that hurts, or burns when you put water in your mouth. So they might not drink and get dehydrated. The person who has mouth sores and can't drink can get dehydrated. They might also not be able to eat fruit to get liquid from them or drink soup or broth that can prevent dehydration. When a person has had a burn that is bad on the skin or a skin disease. These people can get dehydrated because skin problems can make a person lose water that can't be seen. It might be able to be seen if it oozes. Then that is oozing liquids out of the body.

When to call a doctor and go to the emergemncy room

One symptom a person has dehydration and needs to get to the emergency room at the hospital is a fever of over 101 degrees Fahrenheit.
A symptom of dehydration is urinating less often than usual This Is especially true of people who are always going to the bathroom and urinating a lot each bathroom visit.

it's best to go to the emergency room if having chest pains as while they may be dehydration or worse a heart attack so the person MUST go to the Emergency Department

What tests a doctor might look to see if a person is dehydrated

The tests your doctor will give you to see if you are dehydrated or If obviously dehydrated how far along you are dehydrated.,
A doctor may take a urine sample If able to manage to manage to get some urine in the cup and a blood sample and send it to a lab.
A doctor will check heart rate as when they suspect dehydration and the blood pressure will be down
Another sign of dehydration is the breathing faster than the person normally breathes, and they haven't done exercise for around five or ten years..

Urinalysis at the emergency room

The doctor will check how clear the urine is and its color. Also, the doctor will check for carbon compounds that signify dehydration., called ketones. The urine specific gravity will be tested as part of a urinalysis. It n the mass of urine that is compared with equal amounts of distilled water
If there is too much glucose in the urine, it might be diagnosed as diabetes .Or do no have diabetes under control that can signify dehydration
Urinating more than normal can be a sign of diabetes because the person is more thirsty than normal, so they have drink more and have to urinate more often,
The doctor can find a urinalysis liver diseases not previously diagnosed.

Testing of blood chemistry

The testing of blood chemistries
To examine how dehydrated the person is, they are going to be tested for the amount of salts the body has. The salts are potassium and sodium and sugar and the kidney function by treating the creatinine.
If the doctor thinks an infection is a reason for the dehydration the doctor will order the Complete Blood Count (CBC) test to see if there is an infection

Treating dehhydration in adults

How to treat your dehydration at home for adults
Drink drinks containing carbohydrates and electrolytes, such as Gatorade or Pedialyte
To be prepared for dehydration for dehydration in the summer, at the beginning of summer, make popsicles out of juices and Gatorade.
You can suck on ice chips. My refrigerator has an ice chip maker.
If a person has had jaw surgery or have mouth sores sip liquid through a straw. It won't hurt the mouth sores as much and if somebody had jaw surgery it will be easier to get the liquid to you by straw. It is because they might not be able to open their mouth far enough to drink a drink out of a glass.
Or sip water In little amounts.

How to cool a person ay home

TO cool a person who has dehydration put them in an air-conditioned house or room. It will bring the body temperature downs and stop them from being exposed to the heat that dehydrated them in him first place.
Use a spray bottle or mister and put LUKEWARM water that will be put in places not covered by clothes and are exposed and by evaporation the person who is dehydrated gets cool
Never put on the skin when dehydrated ice water or ice cubes. That may seem like a good idea because a person is being cooled, this causes a constriction of the blood vessels, and this will not cool the person, and instead that person is going too get warmer. And you will probably shiver which will cause the body to warm because it realizes it Is shivering and warm up. That causes the body to go against what the person is trying to which is cool themselves
Remove any extra clothing that is not needed like a sweater or decorative scarf and tight clothing that is needed should be loosened,
If there is no access to air conditioning, go near a fan.
Or you could if outside then put a wet towel again LUKEWARM water, so the body doesn't try to heal itself up and succeed if you put a cold towel on the person.

What does the hosital do to the dehydrated patient

They will first get your blood volume back to normal, then try to get more fluids in the body. They do this while examining and trying to figure out what caused the dehydration to start.
The entire body will be cooled if the person temperature is 104 degrees or higher, They cool the entire body by mist evaporation, cooling baths, cooling blankets, or fans.

How they will replace fluids
If not vomiting and not experiencing nausea, they will give drinks. The drinks will be liquid that is an electrolyte and carbohydrate containing and water, too.
If the dehydration is, bad fluids will be given intravenously by placing it in the vein. The person who gets the liquid this way will have low blood pressure and your resting heart rate.
IF The person improves, the hospital may let you go home with someone to watch your condition.
If they can't get the person dehydrated. If they are confused, have abnormal vital signs the whole time they are at the hospital. Have a fever or are confused they will keep the person at the hospital and give the person more treatment.
If the person has a fever and doctors suspect that is the cause of dehydration, the hospital will give the person an acetaminophen medicine as an example it might be Tylenol or Ibuprofen such ad Advil. If the person is not vomiting up everything that is given to them by mouth they will give a pill but if vomiting up everything they will give it as a suppository of the rectum.
If the doctor sends the person home and wants to see them again be sure to get them to go back. Even if they feel better and aren't dehydrated anymore.

Preventing dehydration

How to prevent dehydration
During high heat index day a person shouldn't exercise on those hot days. Listen to the weather forecast and if it is going to be a high heat index and feels too warm and humid, outdoor events should be done when the sun sets, and it gets cooler. Check older people and young babies and kids. Make sure they have enough fluids, so they don't get dehydrated and try to help them. One example would be the person has who is elderly has no air conditioning a person should invite then over to their house if they have air conditioning for the whole house.
If a person is impaired or if they are incapacitated make sure they have adequate drinks, and they drink those liquids.
If a person has go to outdoor events, be sure to take a bottle of water or Gatorade. Never take a bottle of cola as caffeine causes the body to become dehydrated that is why they tell you to drink water .If a person has to go to work outside like a landscaper or street construction that will make them sweat be sure to bring water. Athletes and outdoor workers should drink a lot of water to equal the amount they thought they saw go out of them. Just be sure to drink plenty of water or sports drinks.
If a person has to be outdoors when it's the hottest, wear clothes that are loose and light colored. You can also have a mister or a little personal fan (I got two of them from the drug store on sale and they kept me cool when I needed a ceiling fan.
When it is very warm do not drink alcohol. True it is a liquid, but alcohol as liquid will cause a person to lose any water they drink. If you are slightly or completely drunk from the alcohol, then they might not recognize the symptoms they are becoming dehydrated. Because their senses are impaired
If you are outdoors in a heat wave, try to find an air- conditioned place you to can go for a little while if working outside go under a tree or bush in the shade. The person who works outdoors that is taken into an air conditioned place for a few hours a day will prevent dehe\ydration.


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