Are you sure you don't have OCD? And My experiment with OCD.

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Are you really sure that you are not one of those in 50 people that have OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) at some point in their lives? And what if you are? Read this page to find out more about OCD and my methodology to cure it.


I take no responsibility of the content and knowledge shared on this page. I am sharing it for the welfare of other suffering members.
Please keep in mind that no one will be responsible for your action except you.
If you are on professional help from any doctor you SHOULD NOT STOP using it for the sake of this paper.

I am just another member like you, sharing my story.

Thank you.

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

Well, I guess you already know what it is. If you know, you can skip this section and read other useful material found on this page.

However, if you don't know about OCD, I will explain it.

OCD, Literally>

OCD stands for 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder'. It is an indicator of having a bad mental health. Like it's name suggests, it is something related about obsession and compulsions. I will talk in detail about what EXACTLY these obsessions and compulsions are.

OCD, In your life>

Obsessions are sticky, persistent, hard to shake thoughts which make their way in your thought stream uncontrollably and stays there until they disturb you. They cause trouble in your real life and added stress along with anxiety.

Consider a normal person without OCD. This person gets his hand dirty but is able to do rest of this daily worky regardless, flitering out the thought of dirty hands and just doing other work in normal way.
Now, consider another personl with 'clean hands' OCD. When this person gets his hands dirty with dust, oil, sweat.. etc. he cant think of anything but about the dirtiness and about how he can quickly clean it. He looses the concentration on his other tasks and is unable to perform them with peace of mind.

Compulsions are also called as 'rituals' These are repittive actions which MUST be performed in order to relive the discomfort caused by obessions.

Note that these obessions and compulsions can vary according to person. It is to be understood that while there can be many forms of OCD, the nature of this mental disease is consistant. That is, doing same thing over and over again, though you know it's already done and still you can't stop yourself from doing it all over again for no real reason.

Do I have it? How can I know? Symptoms.

Again, this is not the focus of this paper, but is so important that I find it hard to not to say anything about this.

These are some checkboxes, indicators to detect if you are suffering from OCD.

1. Recurring thoughts or 'Obsessions' that make you anxious. You can not control them, neither you can filter them out.

2. You do certain things over and over again, like a ritual, your own personal ritual which you must perform in order to relieve the distress causing it.

3. The relief you get from such rituals is temporary and maybe sometime later in day you find yourself doing the same ritual.

4. You know it's strange and you still can't stop your behaviour of such type.

5. You feel looking out for a thought always, highly alert and agitated, motivated to do the ritual again.

Well, That's okay, but how can I know if I have OCD professionally? Any Diagnosis?

It is to be noted that no laboratory test for the existence of OCD exists. Diagnosis is done after a personal interview with your psychiatrist.
Though there are some tools that measure the severity of Obsessions and Compulsions, which is the 'Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale' (wikipedia link is added)

If you want to get it diagnosed, I would highly recommend to see a mental health professional in your region.

How to cure it? Can I overcome it totally?

Yes. you can overcome it totally, just like I did.
I was obsessive about checking doors, checking if they are locked, and rechecking them even though I know the are locked. This all with having the knowledge of there is no one in the home and no one has opened them, I still keep on checking them several times a day.

Sheesh. It was crazy .

Before stating what I did with myself, I would like to share one worldwide effective treatment of OCD called, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?
CBT is a special kind of therapy in the treatment of choice for all forms of OCD. CBT can make help you make sense of overwhelming problems by breaking them down into smaller parts.
It involves 'sessions' which you can carry out individually or with a group of people, self help book.

You can ask your local therapist more about CBT. I am planning to write a new paper on how to carry out CBT all by yourself soon. Though, at this point of time, I feel it would be better if you research about CBT on your own and see your local mental health professional.

How I cured my OCD (and you can too!) completely.

The method I am going to tell you is derived from my own experience. I take no guarantee of curing your disease and I take absolutely no responsibility on how you use this knowledge. I am just sharing it out for you and I am not recommending it to anyone.
Try on your own. I am not liable for anything.

This is the content for which I wanted to write this paper from.
I will tell you what I did with my OCD, how did I do it and what it takes to do it.
I call this method 'OCD against OCD'.

What it takes to do it?
Determination and courage. Plain and simple.
Determination to stick to your thought and courage to accept the decision you have made.
It's easy. All you have to do is fix one concept in your mind.

How to do it?
It utilizes the philosophy of killing poison with poison.
You have to first learn to generate obsessive thoughts about just anything on your own.
It is easy since you already are suffering from OCD.
Fear not though, once you learn to generate them, you will be in control of their execution.
Once you learn how to do it, you may proceed further.

I will breakdown the further procedure in simple steps.
1. Wait until there is an occurrence of OCD thought all on itself.
2. Analyze it rationally as best as you can.
3. Apply exactly opposite thought to the OCD. Here to apply this opposite thought, you must already be learned how to generate OCD on your whim.

I will elaborate this point a little with an example.
Suppose I have OCD about having clean hands. I am middle of an important meeting and I get stuck by OCD thought.
Now, I have to apply the reverse thought. I will think "Only if I concentrate on this meeting right now, then everything will be fine and and if I concentrate on my hands, it will be a disaster."

After some practice I find that magically, the OCD thought has gone!

If will come after some time though, at that time, I apply the same philosophy of fooling my mind, delaying the actual ritual by making excuses.

If I keep on doing this, I find that my OCD has vanished!

Short Summary of method:
You kill OCD by OCD and delay it. Simple. Over time, you gain control and you get in the position to stop it completely.


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