Are you up to The Leadership Challenge? September 22nd's Thought of the Day

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Have you ever thought about how leaders are selected? Leadership is a skill that can be learnt, but it is a skill that has to be experienced. Can you learn it and can you grow? These are important questions about personal development.

Being the One to Do It

September 21st's contribution to this thought of the day series talked about being the one to do it. The truth is that once you volunteer to do something and succeed you do mark yourself out as someone different, someone with major potential. Think about it for a moment - if you take action you are not the person who is prepared to sit idly by, indeed you may have leadership potential. It may be in a raw form, but it should be clear for others to see; that is important.

Truth is there are many people who by their actions say "not me" and these things are always noticed by those in positions of influence, as are those who volunteer and succeed.

Whist it is true that success does bring its own reward - the satisfaction. But here we are talking about the fact that other people notice the good things that you do. It is always good to be noticed for the good things that you achieve.


Have you ever thought about how leaders are selected? Whether at work or in any organisation you are a member of there are those that currently hold leading positions that are looking out for fresh people who are willing to take on roles and responsibilities and are prepared to get things done.

Let me tell you that this IS how it is done in business, I know because I have been a part of meetings that have discussed people, their abilities, and their prospects within the organisation.

I have also been involved in such discussions within our local Toastmasters club executive. The reason to identify potential club leaders amongst the membership before the elections at the appropriate time within the year. The reason, to allow members like Sharlene who has had a role on the club executive for ten years to stand down and take a rest for a while.

Once you are noticed you do tend to get rewarded and in all honesty there is nothing better than getting recognised for the good work that you do.


In respect of LEADERSHIP recognition is rarely immediate. More often than not it comes slowly after much hard work. It takes more than completing one task successfully. You have to be able to demonstrate consistent focus and sustained attention to detail plus the ability to get it right the majority of the time.

Leadership is a skill that can be learnt, but it is a skill that has to be experienced. Can you learn it and can you grow? These are important questions about personal development. Certainly learning leadership in a classroom context is of limited benefit because experience counts for so much and that is essential.

Personal Growth and Leadership

The basic idea behind this inspirational thought of the day column is to question and inspire you to be better than you are right now. Inspirational thinking is an elemental part of human development and should always be encouraged. We start from having no understanding, to being confused, to growing, to developing an understanding, then finding a way forward. Often the contributing factor is to question why and do something different, this is also striking out on the path to leadership

The following are recent contributions from this 'inspirational thought of the day' series:

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author avatar Diann Messer
22nd Sep 2012 (#)

Excellent article! This will help many who are still in the workforce and want promotion. Nicely done!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
23rd Sep 2012 (#)

The drive, the passion to excel and take responsibilty are only for the few. Most are happy to take orders! Thanks Peter for a thought provoking share - siva

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author avatar Retired
27th Sep 2012 (#)

Thanks for the article well done in all aspect. noticed the article very much informative in all aspect excellent job well done. Plz keep up the good work for many years to come. The article is worthing much valuable information for all us wishing to be involved in leadership positions. Thanks may God bless you for many years to come.

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