Are your periods normal for birth control?

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Want to find out if your monthly periods are normal for your birth control? Have you talked to your doctor but they were unsure or told you something you didn't understand? Find out here.

What is birth control?

Birth control is the female contraceptive that prevents pregnancy but does not prevent STD's. It comes in a pill form, a patch and also manual birth control such as diaphragms and condoms. The kind discussed in this article is the chemical form (pills or patch). For the pills, there are two kinds. One lets you have only 3 periods a year and the other will make you get a period every month. The benefits of birth control besides preventing pregnancy are that it can help regulate periods and also cut down on cramping and bleeding. If taken correctly at around the same time every day it is possible to obtain precise results from birth control.

Problems with Birth Control

Women often experience problems with their birth control even when they take it correctly. This means they may need a lower/higher dose of the pills. Some common problems reported with birth control are headaches, nausea, loss of sex drive, and weight changes. Usually these problems are more in the beginning of taking the birth control and often go away after the first three months. If they do not then ask your doctor about changing to a lower or higher dose. Other problems that women encounter on the pill is irregular periods.

Should you get a period every month?

Yes, the pill does regulate the actual date of your period, but it doesn't not mean you will bleed every month. Basically you will know when you will be getting it every month but you may not always get it. For example, women will get their period anytime during the sugar pills week. If a woman gets her period on Tuesday this is most likely when she would get it every month, although anytime is normal as long as it is during that week. Not all women actually bleed every month though. When you take birth control some months you will bleed more than others, some months not at all. This is normal and there is nothing to be alarmed about. However, if you were not on the pill then not having a period every month would be abnormal. The pill has certain types of hormones that vary month to month and because the bleeding is artificial bleeding you do not medically need to bleed every month. Some girl get periods every month on the pill, some don't, but they are both normal. If you are a girl who does not bleed every month consider yourself on lucky gal and go celebrate life!


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