Aromatherapy is our life companion

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Aromatherapy is the most effective therapy involved in our life even without knowledge. Our nose is the most powerful organ of sensations. Aromatherapy acts through the smell of aromatic oils and heals.

Aromatherapy is our life companion

Just close your eyes. Take a deep full lung breath. Let your imagination go a merry go round. Think of your most favorite smell in the world. It could be your mom’s delicious cooking, the fresh grass smell after the rain, your partner’s arousing skin with a lovely fragrance, your favorite perfume always dear to your taste, or it may bring a past memory about a melted chocolate of your childhood attraction or maybe something a little more obscure, like the smell of engine oil and spray paint from your neighborhood. Whatever your favorite smell is, it is bound to make you feel good. And that, in short, is aromatherapy. Smells that make you feel good. Smells that have been your companion from your very first day of existence!

From my Childhood
As a child, I could smell my mom. When she bent close to me I could smell her favorite scent of rose. Ever after the fragrance of roses has always instilled in me a feeling of security and love.
As an adolescent, I could feel the smell of pine trees. Today the freedom and happiness of those holidays is rekindled each time as I walk through the pine trees or smell their fragrance.
As a grown up, a lot of sweet memories were clubbed with strong aromas in my life. Even at deaths of my dear ones, I could feel those fragrances soothing and comforting to my heart! I still remember the strong aromas, released from the confine of my uncle laid in the small church in my native place, enveloping and comforting me at the time of my beloved uncle!

The strongest carrier of sensations
Aromatherapy is the most effective therapy involved in our life even without knowledge. Our nose is the most powerful organ of sensations. Aromatherapy acts through the smell of aromatic oils. Our sense of smell acts quickly since it is directly connected with the emotion generating areas in the brain. When we inhale an aroma, its molecules stimulate the tiny membranes deep in our nose. They stimulate receptors that trigger an electric signal to the limbic system and the hypothalamus in our brain. These parts of our brain activate and control the whole body system. They also integrate the parts of various systems of our body like the nervous system, endocrine system. They also integrate many body functions including heart rate, respiration, temperature, blood sugar levels, waking, sleeping, and even sexual arousal. It acts as our close companion in every sensation of our life!

Our life companion in seven steps
1) Aromatherapy plays an important role in baby baths, purifying the babies all round atmosphere, teething problems, cradle illnesses like cold, blocked nose and so on.
2) The main effect of aromatherapy is the sense of smell that can arouse in us the fire of appetite for food the very foundation of existence. The first sensation of the newborn baby is the smell that attracts it to the breast of its mom!
3) Throughout our life we use aromatherapy for massaging our body in many ways to stimulate the skin functions and reduce our pains.
4) We use aromatherapy for a wide range of illnesses. It can relieve our digestive problems, aches and pains, migraines, sinusitis, stress and anxiety and some skin problems also.
5) It can wake up our sexual interest eliciting a surge of deep seated memories.
6) Aromatherapy has much more to do as antiseptic lotions also. Essential oils from plants have therapeutic powers and are antiseptic in different degrees.
7) Aromatic oils have the power to comfort our body and mind which can assure us a good sleep.

Whether we are young or old, healthy and at the peak of physical fitness or frail and infirm, the complementary therapies of aromatherapy and massage can enhance our lives and help prevent diseases. By awakening the sense of smell and touch, we can relieve tension, improve sleep, refresh and enhance our mood and alleviate many physical ailments. Above all, aromatherapy imparts a sense of well being. What else do we need to make aromatherapy as our perfect companion?


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30th Jul 2010 (#)

The sense of smell stirs emotions and recalls memories of long ago. Oranges, tangerines always reminds me of Christmas. In the evening when the night is still, I'll step outside and look up at the stars. You can literally smell the soil, grass, spruce trees, etc. in the cool night air. It is the best perfume. Thanks for sharing this:)

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author avatar vpaulose
30th Jul 2010 (#)

Thank you Petra

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author avatar krrymarie
30th Jul 2010 (#)

lovely article, I love the way some scents take you back in time or remind you of that special person.

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author avatar Glenn Addington
29th Apr 2012 (#)

My wife and I both read this article, and found it to be very good. My wife is, among other things, a massage therapist, and uses essential oils extensively in her practice. She has seen amazing results during her time of using these oils. She also teaches others regarding the use of the oils, and has over a hundred types of the various oils. I am using some of them myself. They can be very beneficial to one's health.

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